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2012 July


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1 WINE NOTES: Châteauneuf-du-Pape 393
2 LAST WORD: Keep It Simple, Stupid 464
3 HR: Social Media Penetrating Chinese Workplace but Causing Productivity Loss 529
4 IT: Creating Your Social Enterprise 408
5 MARKETING: Search Engine Optimisation 436
6 IPR: Software Copyright Registration in China: Know Before you Go 508
7 POLICY: Legal Updates on the Real Estate Markets 444
8 REAL ESTATE: Resort Development in Mountain Attraction Areas and at World Heritage Sites in China 444
9 LEGAL: Recent Legal Developments in CNY Internationalization for Cross-border Trade and Investment Transactions 406
10 FEATURE STORY: Tianjin Track Races for Replacement Investor 1112
11 DIALOGUE: Tianjin International School Becomes Even More International 844
12 SUMMER DAVOS: A Look ahead to the Biggest Issues at Tianjin’s Biggest Economic Event 568
13 DIALOGUE: A World of Difference: Why Are Some Countries growing Rapidly While Others’ Stagnate? 362
14 DIALOGUE: Inside the Financial Mind 453
15 ECONOMY: July China Economy Report 376

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