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2016 August

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1 ECONOMY: Monthly Economy Report Helen 1003
2 FEATURE STORY: What Brexit Means for China Helen 1007
3 COVER STORY: A Top Level Insight into Airbus Tianjin Delivery Centre, Dialogue with Dr. Christoph Schrempp, General Manager of Airbus Tianjin Delivery Centre Helen 2334
4 INVESTMENT: Unorthodox Investments That Could Make You Millions Helen 985
5 REAL ESTATE: Developers shift eastward, bringing Hedong back to life Helen 947
6 MARKETING: The Future of Marketing Helen 1062
7 IPR: Keeping a Trade Secret - Part I Helen 982
8 LEGAL: Latest Reform on the Foreign Exchange Settlement under Capital Accounts Helen 1022
9 HR: "Oh Can you PLEASE stop banging on about relationships!" Helen 1104
10 FINANCE: The latest IIT trends and challenges affecting foreign employees and their employers Helen 977
11 MANAGEMENT: The art of bootstrapping a company Helen 988
12 ON THE HORIZON: Tianjin Haihe River Lighting Project, Finishing Touches Helen 984
13 ART & LEISURE: Four Treasures of the Study Helen 1054
14 LAST WORD: The E-Commerce Vision of Life in China and the Reality Helen 1118

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