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MARKETING: 10 Must have Apps for the Digital Marketer
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10 Must have Apps for the Digital Marketer

By Justin Toy

BT 201507 24 Marketing 1In today's 24 hour hyper connected business environment, marketers must sort through and act on real-time data. No matter the place or time of day, marketers must be well equipped and ready at a moment's notice to tackle problems and make real-time decisions in order to stay ahead of the competition. Smartphones and mobile apps are empowering marketers by giving them powerful analytics and tools on the go. Whether commuting to work or having coffee in a cafe, these 10 mobile apps can help marketers increase their productivity from anywhere.

Perch is a free app that can be downloaded for Android and iOS. This handy app is targeted towards small local businesses and allows you to search all mentions of your company across various social media platforms. At the same time, you can also keep tabs on what your competition is up to. The app also allows you to setup notifications whenever someone posts a new review or comment about your business on Trip Advisor, Yelp, Facebook, or whatever platform is important to your business. These instant notifications allow you to quickly respond to all customer feedback, positive or negative.

Google Adwords
Back in March of this year, Google released a mobile app for Google Adwords on Android (an iOS version is also in the works). The app lets digital marketers check campaign statistics, update campaign parameters such as budgets and keywords, and get real-time notifications. The app also makes it easy to chat with an Adwords experts to help you maximize your Adwords campaigns. You will still need to create your Adwords campaigns on a PC, but you can tweak and refine your campaign from anywhere.

BT 201507 25 Marketing 2Buffer and Hootsuite
Buffer and Hootsuite are two great apps available on Android and iOS that allow you to manage all of your social media updates and content from one interface. These apps allow you to easily control your social media campaigns by being able to centrally create and schedule future posts for each individual social media website (ie: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) and monitor mentions and direct messages. Both Buffer and Hootsuite offer free accounts that allow you to demo their products and corporate accounts that cost around USD 10/month.

Nimble is a great CRM (Customer relationship management) tool that allows you to manage and streamline your contacts so that all available public information about your contact is together in one place. Nimble automatically searches and imports information about each one of your contacts from various websites such as LinkedIn, Gmail, Google+, Outlook, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. Nimble goes way beyond just filling out contact book information by providing a thorough profile filled with important detailed information from across social channels. Nimble also offers a number of other features and services including an email client that attempts to maximize workflow productivity, sales tools, calendar management tools, and more. A corporate account that allows for multiple users will cost 15 USD/month.

BT 201507 29 Marketing HLIntercom
Intercom is another CRM tool that is available for both Android and iOS. The app is targeted towards e-commerce websites and allows you to communicate with all of your customers and clients across various mediums (email, help desk, live chat, etc.) all from the convenience of one app. Intercom gives you a detailed look at who your users are; their physical location, the last time they logged in, what features they are using, etc; as well as daily detailed reports to help you make sense of all the data. You can use this information to setup automatic emails that can be triggered by some kind of event. For example, a new customer signs up for a one month free trial on your website. You can setup automated emails for right when they sign up to welcome them and also on their last day of the free trial to remind them the trial will be over soon. Intercom offers a number of different price points depending on the service(s) you desire and your number of customers.

Wordpress is the most popular and customizable blog in the world. Their mobile app, available on both Android and iOS, allows you to write and publish content, monitor traffic and statistics, setup mobile notifications, and more. Wordpress blogs may be blocked in China, but only if Wordpress is in the domain (for example, mywebsite.wordpress.com will be blocked but not mywebsite.com). As long as you use Wordpress on your own domain, you should have nothing to worry about. The Wordpress app is free and so are basic blogs. Commercial/e-commerce blogs range from USD 10 to 100.

BT 201507 26 Marketing 3Card Munch
Card Munch is an easy to use free app that is available for iOS and Android. This incredibly useful app, from the creators of Linkedin, allows you to digitalize all of your contacts' business cards and import them into your phone book and contact list. All you need to do is use your phone's camera to take a picture of each business card and the app will lift all of the details off the card and put it into your rolodex. If the person has a LinkedIn in profile, it will also help you establish a connection with the individual.

Salesforce Chatter
Salesforce, the mega cloud computing company, created Chatter to be a powerful business tool that leverages social media and mobile devices. Think of Facebook designed specifically for businesses and maximizing productivity. This powerful product, aimed towards medium to large sized firms, helps connect every employee within the organization. The app, available on both Android and iOS, acts as a communication hub for all employees to discuss ideas, collaborate on projects, share files, and so much more.

Quora is a social media website for questions and answers. You can post professional and academic questions and have them answered by industry leaders and experienced businessmen. Quora can be a helpful tool for marketers (and anyone else for that matter) to gain valuable insight, solve problems, and build credibility for yourself and your company by answering questions pertaining to your industry. The app is available for both iOS and Android.


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