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625 Meter Record to Dismantle the Tower@ Goldin Finance 117 Building
Published on: 2016-05-10
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01With the smooth landing of last tower crane standard section, the two ZSL2700 whip-typed tower cranes which have already been used for the past 3 years were smoothly dismantled. Since 1st May, 2013, the four tower cranes used for the Goldin Finance 117 Building have worked safely for the past 1163 days, completing 68956 construction tasks. They made major contributions to the construction of the tallest building structure in Tianjin.

It is said that after the last hoisting construction of the Goldin Finance 117 project, the project department officially launched the whip-typed tower cranes dismantlement. The two ZSL2700 whip-typed tower cranes are the largest whip-typed tower cranes in China at present. The dismantle height of the whip-typed tower cranes reached 625 meters (Tower A’s height is 625m) which has created a domestic record for the demolition of tower crane height.

Although the project already fully prepared its work, the complexity and uncontrollability of the environment due to the location of the Goldin Finance 117 Building near the highway called for higher requirements for security management. In order to reach the required security level, the Goldin Finance 117 project established a tower crane demolition headquarters, which cover the unit owners and supervisors. The key person in charge of the project Mr. Dong Jianguo said: "This time we prepared very well for the dismantle work. Our original schedule for dismantling was in December, 2015 but considering the fact that the wind in winter is very strong in Tianjin, we delayed progress for 4 months and this is also an important measure to guarantee the safety of this project."

The removal of the 2 tower cranes, which established a solid foundation for the removal of other tower cranes, also provides a strong guarantee for the subsequent frame construction to successfully complete the top-out goal.

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