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Your face can really open doors now
Published on: 2017-05-19
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050A Beijing university installed facial recognition sys at the entrance of female dorms for security purposes

Now a number of female students at one of the country's top universities can use their face to open doors, according to news reports. Beijing Normal University recently installed two facial recognition devices at the entrance way to the No. 13 female student dormitory. This adds to a growing list of ways the Chinese have made their face the key to the things they want.

Students need to either swipe their student ID card, key in their ID number, or say their name. The camera will then scan their faces for a match against records and open the door for registered residents. Those entering will be greeted with a "welcome home" while those heading out into the world will be told "you look pretty," according to local reports.

The monitoring system will alert if strangers follow students when they enter the buildingh. For a machine that literally opens a door based on your looks, it can be very forgiving.

"Even after I had my hair cut, the machine still recognized me," a student said. "There is a 3-D face model database, so even if you wear makeup or gain weight, the machine recognizes you anyway."

051Baidu, a Chinese tech company, began testing facial recognition technology last week in Wuzhen

But the system can also create logjams at the door, with some residents complaining on social media that after classes a crowd forms to get in the dormitory since students can only enter one face at a time.

The school is the first among Beijing region universities to adopt this technology, which could roll out to another nine undergraduate female dormitories, according to local reports.

Of course, China isn't the only country making use of facial recognition technology. Airports in Japan to Australia and New York have tested devices, with Delta Air Lines saying they will try out face scans to speed up luggage check-in for priority passengers.

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