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Hit-and-Run Victim Ignored, Killed by Second Car in China
Published on: 2017-06-12
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071She didn't need to die.

But instead of coming to her aid after she was struck by a taxi in April, passersby left the woman laying in a main road in the city of Zhumadian in Henan Province.

The woman, surnamed Ma, survived being hit by the first car, lifting her head briefly - and then the SUV comes, rolling over her and leaving her body twisted. Police confirm the accident was fatal.

Ma pausing on a cross walk in the middle of a road before a taxi strikes her. The taxi drives away, leaving her face up in the middle of the road.

Ten seconds pass: at least seven stare at her from the side of the road and a van slows.

Fifty seconds pass: Ma lifts her head - after more bikers, cars and passersby ignore her.

After about one minute: the SUV rolls over Ma, leaving her body twisted. The SUV stops. Only then do people approach.

Interviewed witnesses said many reported the accident, but no one 'dared' to personally intervene.

The police add that the two drivers, identified as Zhang and Liu, have been caught and that 'compensation' is already 'in place.'

This case echoes the death of Wang Yue. The 2-year-old was struck by two cars and ignored by 18 passersby in Foshan, Guangdong in October 2011.

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