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African tourist suffers from heat stroke in Beijing
Published on: 2017-07-17
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040Photos of an African tourist fainting due to hot weather in Beijing went viral online, with many Internet users ridiculing the unbearable heat as a "torture even people from tropical countries cannot endure."

The 60-year-old tourist, reportedly from an island country in Africa, suffered heat stroke while visiting Tiananmen Square on July 13, when surface temperatures reached 60 degrees Celsius. Local police provided the man necessary aid and allowed him to rest under a guard's umbrella. After receiving basic medical treatment from first-aid personnel, the tourist recovered and left.

The incident quickly went viral online, with many netizens posting pictures on Chinese social media complaining about the hot weather in Beijing.

Cameroonian footballer Stephane Mbia Etoundi, who plays for a Chinese soccer club, posted a picture of his tanned arm, leading to heated online discussion about whether Africans get sunburned, since their skin color is already dark.

"I used to envy Africans, as their dark skin can protect them from hot weather and they don't have to worry so much about getting tanned or burned. But I'm wrong, Beijing's unbearable heat wave has taught me that in front of such extreme weather, all are equal," said a netizen.

"I feel sorry for our poor African friends. They should go back to Africa to avoid the heat, and pick a better time to visit China," another posted.

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