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How to get Tickets for National Games in Tianjin?
Published on: 2017-08-11
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tpTickets for Chinese National Games in Tianjin are now for sale on the official website http://www.linkpiao.com/ , you also can buy it through Wechat by scanning below QR code to access the ticket system.

Following are some tips to help you buy the ticket on your phone.010

Step 1

011Step 2012 编辑

Step 3013 编辑

Step 4014 编辑

跳水 Diving
游泳 Swimming
皮划艇-静水 Canoeing - still water
赛艇 Rowing
帆船帆板 Sailing
足球 Football
高尔夫 Golf
手球 Handball
曲棍球 Hockey
橄榄球 Rugby
网球 Tennis
乒乓球 Table Tennis
篮球 Basketball
羽毛球 Badminton
射箭 Archery
艺术体操 Eurhythmics
沙滩排球 Beach Volleyball
击剑 Fencing
体操 Artistic Gymnastics
射击 Shooting
田径 Athletics
公路自行车 Cycling Road
马术 Equestrian
柔道 Judo
现代五项 Modern Pentathlon
铁人三项 Triathlon
国际式摔跤 International Wrestling
拳击 Boxing
跆拳道 Taekwondo
举重 Weightlifting
武术套路 Wushu routine
水球 Water Polo
排球 Volleyball
皮划艇-激流回旋 Canoe/Kayak-Slalom
花样游泳 Synchronized Swimming
蹦床 Trampoline
武术散打 Martial Arts
垒球 Softball
棒球 Baseball
场地自行车 Cycling Track
山地自行车 Mountain Bike
轮滑冰球 Roller hockey

Step 5015 编辑

Step 6

016 编辑Step 7

017 编辑Step 8

018 编辑Step 9

019 编辑Step 10


Enjoy National Games in Tianin!


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