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Air pollution is causing its residents to die three years early
Published on: 2017-09-26
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051There are presently an assessed 4.5 billion people around the world exposed to levels of particulate air pollution that are at least double what the World Health Organization (WHO) deliberates safe.

052A study which is published in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” finds that a Chinese policy is involuntarily instigating people in northern China to live 3.1 years less than people in the south and the reason is air pollution absorption that is 46 percent higher. These findings suggest that every extra 10 micrograms per cubic meter of particulate matter pollution (PM10) lessens life expectancy by 0.6 years. The raised mortality is totally due to an increase in cardiorespiratory deaths, representing that air pollution is the reason of reduced life expectancies to the north.

053The co-author of the study, the director of the Energy Policy Institute at the University Of Chicago (EPIC) and the Milton Friedman Professor in Economics, the College and the Harris School Mr. Michael Greenstone said: “These results greatly strengthen the case that long-term exposure to particulate air pollution causes substantial reductions in life expectancy. They indicate that particulates are the greatest current environmental risk to human health, with the impact on life expectancy in many parts of the world similar to the effects of every man, woman, and child smoking cigarettes for several decades.”

He further added, “The histories of the United States, parts of Europe, Japan, and a handful of other countries teach us that air pollution can be reduced, but it requires robust policy and enforcement.”

054One of the strong reason behind the people of China is facing air pollution because migration is restricted and people are forced to face the air pollution because they can’t migrate to non-polluted areas.

Well, it has been observed that China has amplified its energies to opposing its air pollution challenge. And now China is swapping its primary source of heating from coal-fired boilers to gas-fired or electric units, and close many of the polluting plants. The importance is that particulate air pollution in some of China’s most polluted cities, such as Beijing, has improved ominously.

055This is the great step by China because due to pollution their lifespans become shorten and they also face many other health issues due to air pollution.

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