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"A Taste of Hylandia, From Shangri-La City" Food Festival
Published on: 2017-11-01
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2017.10月香格里拉美食节海报 01Shangri-La Hotel, Tianjin invites guest chef Buddy Mu, from Hylandia, to showcase the authentic Hylandia flavour at Café Yun from 1st to 11th November, 2017.
香巴拉特色牦牛肉干巴Known as the earthly paradise, mythical utopia and permanently happy land, Shangri-La is an oasis isolated from the outside world, situated at 3,300 metres altitude with glaring sunshine and crystal clear water. Barley is Shangri-La’s main grain, and zanba made of barley is an excellent snack to accompany yak butter tea. Yak meat is also considered to be the most delicious dish on the local dining tables.
chef2Chef Buddy brings the original recipe of Hylandia to Tianjin this time, elevating the cuisine and making something special and creative out of every dish by using Hylandia spices and puts a twist on traditional flavours. He will transform and cook elegant traditional Hylandia food. Guests will be in for a flavourful journey.

Café Yun offers a fun, vibrant and relaxed dining experience and is the perfect destination for family dinners, meetings with friends, social events and casual business gatherings.

For more information about the Hylandia Food Festival or for reservations, guests may call (022) 8418 8111 or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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