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Liron Man @ Vision Hill Arts Center, 18 Nov.
Published on: 2017-11-10
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0226Music always remained the main passion and purpose in Liron's life. From a very young age, playing music always felt like home.

020At the age of 19 Liron started producing events and performing alongside Israeli finest artists such as Shlomo Gronich, a famous composer and song writer, Sanya Kroitor, top violin player in Israel and more, Liron's collaborations with artists always made him feel he wanted to go with his own truth and find his personal path in the music world.

Liron's musical path took two different directions, HandPan playing and Flamenco guitar.

021Liron's connection to the Handpan was immediate and from the very beginning he already showed high skills and started performing. He quickly got the title of the fastest HandPan player in the world which brought him to work with musicians such as Zohar Fresco, one of world's leading percussionists (Israel), Badi Assad, famous singer/guitarist songwriter(Brazil), Jorge Pardo, award winning Flamenco/Jazz flautist (Spain), Govinda Goswami, sitar master (India).

023Liron performed in theaters and festivals over the past 10 years in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East, North and South America. Liron mainly performs in projects that heself produce or collaborate.

025In the past two years Liron moved to China with the meaning to create musical projects that involve Chinese instruments and fusion of the music combined with rhythms and melodies from different cultures.The intention behind is share with the world the beauty that Liron finds in Chinese culture, in this way, Liron is hoping to contribute to China as he feels grateful for everything he experiences in China.

Liron is experienced with a large variety of musics from around the world such as, Middle East, Indian, Jewish, Eastern European, Brazilian, Moroccan, Spanish.

022Time: 19:00-20:30
Date: 18th, November
Venue: No.20 Kaihua Road, Xiqing District, VISION HILL ARTS CENTER
Ticket: 80RMB(presale), 100RMB(door)

时间:2017年11月18日 19:00-20:30

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以色列顶级手碟大师LIRON MAN
阔别一年 再度返津
11月18日LIRON MAN手碟演奏会

来自以色列的Liron Man是当今全球Handpan(手碟)演奏家中的翘楚,拥有一套独特的手碟弹奏方法,他让handpan呈现干净、悦耳的音色,其快速且精准的演奏、配上多变的音乐性,影响了全球无数的手碟乐手。他被公认为全世界手速最快的手碟演奏家,在中国甚至拥有绰号“鬼手”。

11月18日,智慧山艺术中心再度与LIRON MAN联手开启天津专场演奏会,让我们一起领略手碟的空灵魅力!

02除了手碟,一直以来Liron总是在不断尝试不同的乐器和音乐风格,并试图创新及融合各种不同的音乐。他擅长吉他、曼陀铃、布祖基琴、单簧管、Nay Flute,及多种打击乐;风格上擅长弗拉门戈、吉普赛音乐、东方音乐、巴萨诺瓦、森巴、克莱兹默犹太音乐、雷鬼等。


Liron Man还是一位优秀的制作人,从艺十多年与以色列及全球众多一流艺术家合作演出,包括以色列歌手 Shlomo Gronich,以色列小提琴演奏家Sanya Kroitor、以色列手鼓演奏家Zohar Fresco、巴西吉他弹唱作曲家Badi Assad、西班牙获奖弗拉明戈/爵士横笛演奏家Jorge Pardo、印度西塔琴大师Govind Goswami等。029

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