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Save your money for the real thing
Published on: 2017-11-13
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They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but when it comes to shopping it's best to save your money for the real thing - as these hilarious knockoffs prove.

Here is a gallery of the worst knockoffs shared online by shoppers around the world, and while the makers may have produced goods that lack quality, their cheekiness will certainly raise a smile.

One decided to rip off the iPhone but replaced the famous Apple logo with a pear instead.

Another hoped to attract buyers with a 'video game system' called X-Boy, while another made a very convincing pair of Nike pool sliders - with the brand name spelled backwards.

050That's not going to fool anyone! A crafty counterfeiter thought they could get away with putting a pear on a knockoff iPhone

051You may be hoping for an XBOX for Christmas, so let's hope Santa doesn't pick up this X-Boy by accident instead

052They got the famous tick on point, but nobody will be fooled by Nike spelled with the letters in the wrong order

053Do NOT attempt to give yourself a beautifying treatment with this set

054Gotta catch em all? This terrifying Pikachu sponge is most likely something you'd rather avoid

055This shopper was left horrified when the punching bag they ordered split open, revealing it had been stuffed full of rubbish

056Nothing at all wrong with this teddy bear - as long as you don't take the jumper off

057This young basketball fan was left disappointed with this shirt paying homage to the little-known 'Lekars' team - and it's the wrong colour scheme for the Lakers

058This ripped iPad case was lined with old toothpaste boxes, so it's no wonder it didn't last

059Someone seems to have got their branded a little bit mixed up

0591If you're in the market for a new smartphone it's probably best to avoid the Nokla

0593Sony has little to fear from lost sales due to customers being confused by the SQMY

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