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Schoolboy killed by SWORD during PE lesson
Published on: 2017-12-15
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CCTV footage captures the moment Li, circled, was said to be playing with Guo during break

A boy died yesterday after being impaled by a sword belonging to a classmate during a PE lesson.

The 13-year-old pupil, named Guo Sheng, was said to be playing with the classmate who had brought the weapon with him.


Guo, circled, appeared in pain as the sword stabbed into his back and caused him death

Guo died shortly after his frightened classmate pulled out the blade, the school said in a statement.

The incident was deemed as an accident by the regional government, school authority and police, but Guo's parents and the general public disagreed. The sword belonged to a Year Eight student, known as Li, who studies at a secondary school in Changning, Hunan Province.

Li was seen playing with Guo during a break in a physical education lesson on the morning of December 12. It's reported that Li lost his grip of the sword and it 'accidentally' impaled Guo's back.


Guo Sheng has died when the paramedics arrived

The incident came into light when the staff at the Quan Feng Secondary School called emergency service and the police. Guo had been pronounced dead when his parents arrived. Police measured the sword and said it was around a foot long.

A statement from the school said Li pulled out the sword from Guo's back as he was scared. The county council of Changning announced in a statement that the incident was an accident. The local education bureau, government and council were helping to handle the related matters, said the statement.

However, Guo's parents claimed that the incident was not 'an accident'. The parents apparently wrote in a social media post: 'No one cared about my son and no paramedics could be seen. 'It's been five hours pass and the school staff refused to see us and give us an explanation.'


His family cried and tried to wake him up as onlookers watched

Web users suggested that Li's action had been intentional and not 'by accident'. 'Obviously he was throwing the sword at him fiercely,' said 'Mr Mi Tung'. Another web user 'qiziyuqing' questioned: 'If the sword slid out by accident, how can that be strong enough to stab into a body and cause death?'

Chinese social media were sharing screenshot of an alleged document signed by the school and Guo's parent. The signed paper stated that Quan Feng Secondary School and the local government had agreed to pay 790,000 yuan to Guo's parents as compensation.

The incident has also raised safety concerns from parents who wonder how sharp weapons could have been brought to school by children.

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