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M essential upgrade and expansion
Published on: 2018-01-30
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010M essential-all about love 'aims to explore the contradiction and unity of contemporary Oriental aesthetics and modern lifestyles. "Essential" as the brand intends to express the attitude towards fashion. The Slogan 'all about love' means love gives the world freedom, the softness of the heart, the feeling of all things with love and sharing, and the refinement of life.

011M essential has never been a traditional clothing store. And now, it is a new addition to many new elements and a fashion collection shop with rich life aesthetics.

012M essential opened with a new image in the Galaxy Mall on 20th January.

014On the opening day, the brand held a new product launch event of 2018SS, which was inspired by the ancient Chinese civilization pattern – He Tu Luo Shu which was the original of the Five Elements and the Eight Trigrams.

In addition, M essential adheres to the characteristics of the brand, and used a large number of materials to bump into each other, whether it is the classical hand-cut jacquard made by independent research or the combination of imported lace. The anti-personality material has been added to enhance the harmonious aesthetics in the conflict. It is worth mentioning that this series cooperated with Swarovski. From the decoration means continue to carry on the handicraft, the crystal, the corset and the Oriental river map to combine; the harmonious relationship of collision aesthetics is expounded in multidimensional.

The brand also invited the national intangible cultural heritage paper-cut master Ren Zhiguo to carry out traditional hand-cut paper seminars and on-site interactive.

015016The designer YAN XUE uses the beauty of life and nature as a design inspiration for accessories and luggage. The slogan "so pure" in the brand is the best interpretation of YAN XUE's pursuit of design.

017In addition, the store has also redefined the drinks. The new store not only can enjoy the exquisite coffee, freshly squeezed fruit juice, but also added the nutritious meal and fresh health tea, to achieve a real sense of beauty from the inside out.

018019The new M essence integrates all the ingenuity, clothing, accessories and art that explored by designer Ma Kai, to triggering a different level of perception and the brand's own characteristics to be exposed. With the growth of the brand, M essential will more fully demonstrate the philosophy of life that the designer has been upholding and derive endless possibilities.0191

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