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Tianjin Plus OUT! February 2018 Edition
Published on: 2018-02-01
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Hi friends, we wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!

We are so lucky in Tianjin to have so many fantastic Chefs and top hotel brands and yet sometimes it is easy to not feel conscious of the reality of living in one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world. If we add to this the fact that traffic congestion and pollution is much less here than in other high-density parts of the globe, we can think ourselves to be lucky enough at this moment.

One good example is Chef Iacopo Frassi because his culinary skills and innovative cooking methods are full of surprises. He has previously served at numerous Michelin starred restaurants and constantly looks for ways to spice up its usual offerings and bring an international gourmet experience to Tianjin. Currently, he is engaged in preparing everyday a culinary feast at Italian restaurant Cielo, located at the 9th floor of Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin.

The way we dress is an extension of our personality. Every bit of detail and colour reflects on the wearer. Clothes are a necessity, and as we end up splurging our money on the latest trends and pieces in fashionable retail stores, we end up buying clothes of lesser quality that don’t even last long. Treating apparel as an investment is a key fashion tip in making sure that items in your wardrobe do not go waste.

Tianjin Plus’s continuous endeavours to search for magnificently diverse culinary talents have led us this month to Yún Shàng Qiān Hé. You will find in this restaurant a relaxed, natural and dynamic atmosphere of Yunnan.


What you can expect from the Great Wall renovation is another highlight in this issue that you should not miss. Discover as well how to bargain when shopping, and why dance walking is so popular. As a new shopping mall arrives in town, we take a quick look at Luneng CC Plaza, and provide some hints to fill the bag there.

We wish you a happy Chinese New Year again, and don’t forget to visit our website www.tianjinplus.com and follow us on our official Wechat account (ID: tianjin_plus) for more articles and information.

Best wishes,

Sandy Moore
Managing Editor | Tianjin Plus Magazine
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

      转眼又到农历新年,在此,Tianjin Plus全体编辑成员向各位读者拜年啦!

      过去我们就向大家介绍过很多津城名厨,临近新年,当然更是离不开美食相伴,本期我们就为大家隆重介绍来自意大利“美食和葡萄酒之都”托斯卡纳的天津四季酒店意荟•意大利餐厅主厨Iacopo Frassi先生。他对美食有着无限的热情和优异的天赋,曾在多家国际米其林星级餐厅工作。现在,他把之前的厨艺心得和烹饪艺术带到天津四季酒店,以孜孜不倦的热情和对高标准的严格要求打造意荟•意大利餐厅,为宾客演绎至美非凡的烹饪艺术,为每位食客呈上或纯正地道、或别具创意的意式美馔。新年不要错过四季酒店的美味餐饮哦。

      天津是一个总能给你带来新意与惊喜的城市,鲁能城更是将这种新型购物中心带给了天津市民。天津鲁能城购物中心坐落于南开水上片区,毗邻水上公园与天塔湖,交通便利。除了H&M、UGG、等知名大众品牌,入驻鲁能城的还有首次登陆天津的 “音乐主题餐厅”和追求视听互动体验的沃美国际影城等。将能源与科技游乐体验融合的电力世界馆,将运动与智能技术结合的鲁能小将主题馆,均带来更具活力、更新奇、更潮流的体验,形成区别于其他项目的个性和优势,惊喜连连。




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