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Tianjin host Highest Level Youth Equestrian event (July 7-8)
Published on: 2018-06-26
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050The FEI CSIO Y&J Nations Cup is an official International equestrian event for youth riders from all over the world from the age of 14 to 21 years old. The event is held once a year in different countries. Riders age 14-18 years old can participate in the junior group competition whereas riders age 16-21 can participate in the youth group competition. This event is one of the most important FEI events as it provides a platform for the development and growth of youth riders.


051This event will be held at Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club from July 7 to July 8. Expect to see many excellent horsemanship riders each representing their club and city since this is the largest and is the highest level youth equestrian event in the Asian-Pacific region.


052053054055This event held in Tianjin is the last and most important station. The only international intermediate equestrian coach in the country and FEI one-star route designer, Mr. Yang Fujun, and the supervisor of the event, Mr. Sun Zhijian will be invited to make an important lecture.


• 国际马联(FEI)场地障碍项目路线设计师一星级
• 国内唯一获得国际中级马术教练(BHSII)资格、英国马会BHS国际1-4级
• 国家三级马术教练
• 国家一级、二级考试教官及主考官
• 曾参加第九、十、十二、十三届全运会
• 曾十三次参加全国锦标赛
• 多次担任中国马术协会、北京市马术协会主办的马术专业专题类培训讲师
• 2011年起参与超过60场国际、国内马术赛事,担任赛事组织管理、路线设计师等要职

057058"Route designer is an artist. When designing a work, the placement and angle of every obstacle is exquisite. The design of a successful route requires the designer to take all the links into consideration. In addition to the principles that must be followed, inspiration and talent are also required." The route design is very interesting. There are many little ambushes in it, which are seemingly simple but hide mystery.


• 国际马联(FEI)场地障碍项目赛事监管二星级
• 国际马联(FEI)场地障碍项目路线设计师一星级
• 国家级马术项目裁判员一级
• 曾担任2008年奥运会、2010年亚运会、第十、十二、十三届全运会技术官员
• 多次担任国际、国内举办的国际马联(FEI)星级赛事、全国奥运项目锦标赛赛事监管长和路线设计师助理等要职

059Mr. Li Yunlong, the official veterinarian of this event, will also make a lecture on veterinary knowledge at the scene. At that time, he will explain the basic knowledge of the body parts of horse, the nursing of horses in the most popular language.


• 国家级高级兽医师
• 从事动物疫病防控、马匹检疫工作十余年
• 曾担任第十三届全运会、全国奥运项目锦标赛官方兽医
• 多次担任国际、国内举办的国际马联(FEI)星级赛事官方兽医、治疗兽医


1. 2018国际马联(FEI)青少年场地障碍赛暨城市系列菁英赛竞赛规程
2. 2018国际马联(FEI)青少年场地障碍赛暨城市系列菁英赛天津站竞赛单元日程
3. 2018国际马联(FEI)青少年场地障碍赛暨城市系列菁英赛天津站奖金表
4. 赛事周边活动和趣味赛介绍及报名表
5. 培训课程表
6. “关于外埠畜禽及畜禽产品进津通道管理的告知书”和“动物检疫合格证明”图例


To further promote and expand the friendly atmosphere during the event, we have lined up a few wonderful activities such as equestrian carnival and interactive games to spice up the event to all equestrian enthusiasts, international communication groups and audiences.

For more information and reservations, please call (86) 22 2386 8888

Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club reserves the right of final explanation.0597

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