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"I Love Italian Wines" Course & Networking Event @ Tianjin
Published on: 2018-06-28
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In the last 18 months, Italian Trade Agency has hosted 16sessions of “I Love Italian Wines” training across China in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Nanning, Changsha and Wuhan. Over 400 Italian wine promoters in China were trained.

“I Love Italian Wines” training session has attracted over 75 million followers in total on the Chinese social media (including WeChat, Weibo, Yizhibo and etc.) Now the training course has come to Tianjin on June 22, 2018. After the training session, there will be an “I Love Italian Wines” networking event held on June 24.

Tianjin is an important city and international trade port in east-northern China. As the Treaties of Tianjin were signed in 1858, a number of western countries established their concessions there, which opened Tianjin to foreign trade and western influences. With its streetscapes – an assemblage of historic nineteenth - and early twentieth-century European architecture, many of which are well-preserved today, juxtaposed with the concrete and glass monoliths of contemporary China like the 415-meter Tianjin Radio and Television Tower, Tianjin becomes one of the few Chinese cities where the east meets the west.

020There will be 39 participators trained to become the new “Italian Wine Promoters” in the “I Love Italian Wines” @ Tianjin held from June 22-24, 2018 (including 23 importers, 14 dealers, 3 GDO/wine traders, 2 hospitality and catering practitioners and 1 E-commerce practitioner). The “I Love Italian Wines” event will be live stream this Sunday night, June 24 and there will be an on-the-spot training session during the event.

This 3-day training program was design to provide training to the wine importers. For all-round development of the market, there will be an O2O event held after the training session, promoting the “healthy, safe and quality Italian wine” through the live stream of the KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders, with millions of online followers and the power to influence people’s purchase intentions).

021Proposed by the Beijing office of Italy Trade Agency, the “I Love Italian Wines” program is funded by the Ministry of Economic Development of Italy and has been supported and facilitated by the Embassy and Consulates of Italy in China.

“The Italy Trade Agency has been promoting Italian wines in China and their efforts have been successful and fruitful. The Italian wines, a story of excellence and ancient wisdom, blossom from its native land and is growing to become a success with its exceptional ability to innovate and improve. Our wineries are for the most part family-based and well-received around the globe, producing high quality products that sell in every part of the world and I believe that China is well aware of that.” said Mr. Ettore Francesco Sequi, Ambassador of Italy in China.


Mr. Amedeo Scarpa, Director of ICE-ITA Beijing Office and Coordinator of ICE in China and Mongolia

“We are witnessing a bright prospect in this ‘promised land’,” said Mr. Amedeo Scarpa, Director of ICE-ITA Beijing Office and Coordinator of ICE in China and Mongolia, “The 2017 export volume of Italian wines to China has increased by 22% and according to the latest customs statistics, in the first two months of 2018, the Italian wine exports to China is witnessing an astonishing 63% increase. Italy ranks the fourth wine exporter to China and its market share has grown from 4.8% to 7% in the last 18 months, which indicates that our policies and promotion activities are successful and fruitful and we need to keep on doing that. It is noteworthy that in the next five years the Chinese wine market has a great potential and has already witnessed a steady growth of 38.5% (followed by Russia with a 27.5% growth and U.S with a 22.5% growth). To compliment that need, Italy is the biggest wine producer in the world and is home to a variety of flavorful wines.”

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