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Business Tianjin OUT! August 2018 Edition
Published on: 2018-08-01
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BT 201808 340x458BT 201808 QR PDFChina’s economic performance indicators have been mixed in the recent months, but they show that the pressures are mounting on the economy. Despite trade war tensions and the pressures, China is likely to achieve commendable growth this year. This is due to astute regulations and economic policy. In the grand scheme of things, the trade war may prove to be a small blow to a rising dragon.

We’ve had the opportunity this month to interview UFH’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Douglas Stevens, who has kindly shared his personal experience in the healthcare industry in addition to giving us more insight into UFH’s revolutionary approach in quality and service-oriented healthcare programs.

UFH (United Family Healthcare) is a private international healthcare organization in China with clinics around major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuxi, Tianjin, Qingdao, and Mongolia. Along with these establishments, the company also has 14 satellite clinics and medical centres. With its international-standard healthcare system, UFH offers premium personalized healthcare to interested individuals.

Ascott has celebrated on 20th of July the 20th Anniversary of its presence in China, and Alex Wang, Vice President, Project Management of Ascott China and Area General Manager of North China, has interacted with our editors to highlight their improving guests’ experiences and plans for the future. As one of the leading international serviced residence owner-operators, Ascott Tianjin has accumulated profound brand influence and guest base.

The 18th summit of SCO celebrated recently in Qingdao, concluded with spectacular results for the member states and we analyze this important event in our feature story. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), also known as the Shanghai Pact, is a security, political and economic organization, and one of the most powerful in the world in terms of military and economic power, geographical coverage, population and political influence.

There are many other interesting articles this month, and I invite you to read them all after having checked our content page. We are sure you will find topics that will help you in your professional and personal life during your stay in Tianjin.

Visit our website www.businesstianjin.com and follow us on our official Wechat account (ID: business_tianjin) for a complete list of articles and information.

Mary Smith

Managing Editor | Business Tianjin Magazine
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在本期封面人物中,您将与天津和睦家医院医疗总监Douglas Stevens博士见面。本次我们有幸与他就和睦家的高品质医疗及优质服务和相关医疗保健计划进行了愉快地交流,还了解了他在医疗保健行业从业多年的宝贵经验。

2018年是雅诗阁进入中国的第20个年头。为庆祝这一历史性时刻,雅诗阁于 7月20日在天津举办了“津彩生活20+”的庆典活动。我们也荣幸地与雅诗阁中国华北区总经理袁明扬先生进行了交流,了解这一国际领先的服务式公寓的客户体验改善计划以及其对未来的展望。





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