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Tianjin Plus OUT! August 2018 Edition
Published on: 2018-08-01
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TP 201808 340x481

TP 201808 QR PDFRecently we had the opportunity to enjoy several good performances in Tianjin. Famous singers such as Noa from Israel, who is very well-known for her popular songs and great voice, were here. Some others were not so well known but great musicians such as Stockholm-born songwriter Sophie Zelmani, who makes her quiet songs seem intense, were also here.

Flamenco Dance is another great show that appears in Tianjin scene during this summer. This great performance, which is full of passion and emotions, was introduced on the stage of Tianjin Grand Hall. We also had the opportunity to interact with the Director of “Flamenco de Granada” company dance that presents the piece of Flamenco in Tianjin during this summer, and get to know a bit more about this art which is very unique. We regard ourselves lucky to have the opportunity to see it in town.

We are so engaged in flying and traveling the world that we use airplanes almost daily, and at the first sight, all of them appear large and white. But there are plenty of differences, and these are what we explain in the content of our feature story.

If you are looking for an accessible out-of-town getaway within two or three hours traveling time from Tianjin, in our TOP section we have selected 10 different places for a quick yet memorable trip.

I am sure you will find very interesting all the other articles published this month, and we hope that you will enjoy and find them useful in your daily life.

Don’t forget to visit our website www.tianjinplus.com and follow us on our official Wechat account (ID: tianjin_plus) for more articles and information.

Best wishes,

Sandy Moore
Managing Editor | Tianjin Plus Magazine
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如果您正计划找一处风景优美、凉爽宜人的天津周边郊游好去处,不妨看看本期的Top List, 我们为您盘点了十大津郊旅游景点,一定有一个适合您。



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14 Partner Promotion

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26 Cover Story: Flamenco in Tianjin

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40 International School of Tianjin
41 Teda International School

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44 HEALTH WATCH: Benefits of Teeth Whitening

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46 Fitness & Gym: Should You Or Should You Not Eat Before Working Out?

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55 Slang Bang: Hit me up!

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70 China Travel: China’s Ancient Villages: Hongcun & Xidi, Anhui

TP 201808 China 0173 Global travel: MonsantoTP 201808 Global 01

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