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Impressions of China and Germany by Ekkehard Stoevesand
Published on: 2018-10-30
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444Rhythm - Passion - Impressions
律动 - 激情 - 印象

Impressions of China and Germany by Ekkehard Stoevesand

Opening event: Friday 9 November, 10:00 am
Exhibition: 9th– 18th November 2018; Monday - Sunday. 9:30 – 16:30
Location: Tianjin Museum of Western Art,
No. 77, Jiefang North Road, Heping District, Tianjin, China

开幕时间: 11月9日星期五上午 10:00
展览时间: 2018年11月9日-11月18日 星期一至日 9:30-16:30
地点 :中国天津市和平区解放北路 77号天津西洋美术馆 

123Germa-tech ( Tianjin ) Management Consulting Co. Ltd. is pleased to announce
Ekkehard Stoevesand’s solo exhibition,

012Ekkehard Stoevesand

Ekkehard Stoevesand explores the nature of things, looking for inner life and charisma and depth, he discovers hidden colors. Through reorganization and individually compressing he creates new abstract life. The way to the final work is complex and requires permanent rethinking and checking.


Since 1998 Ekkehard Stoevesand visited China and was invited to Tianjin as a guest lecturer at the Tianjin Academy of Art, a part of the exhibited pictures in this collection he painted during this time in China.

自 1998 年爱卡特先生经常来华,并多次承邀在天津美术学院授课。这次展览的其中一部分收藏的画是就是他在中国的这段时间创作的。

In China he committed his works to everyday life, rapid economic development, historic architecture, industrial landscapes, he worked on his impressions in studios with artist friends in Tianjin and Beijing.


In his exhibition in the Tianjin Western Art Museum he presents an impressive collection of his works which he mostly created in China. Stoevesand has put special attention to Tianjin and Beijing witnessing sights and the development in the region since the millennium.


Furthermore, he presents his early works of more realistic paintings of bodies, architecture and landscapes which give an insight of his development from realism to the abstract painting.


Ekkehard Stoevesand and his wife will be present for the opening of the exhibition. We are looking forward to a colorful intercultural culture exchange.


Augustin v. der Luehe

Germa-tech (Tianjin) Management Consulting Co. Ltd.

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500 WAM 01Tianjin Western Art Museum is located in the concession area of Tianjin, Financial Street - Heping District Jiefang North Road . The building is the former French L’indo Bank which was built in 1912.
地址: 天津市和平区解放北路 77 号; http://www.tjxyms.org/?page_id=2

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