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Grill 79 Launches Australian Wagyu Beef Tasting Menu
Published on: 2018-11-07
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和牛With its delicate marbling and melt-in-the-mouth texture, wagyu beef is one of the world’s most luxurious ingredients. This November, Grill 79 at China World Summit Wing, Beijing introduces "Wagyu Beef" a limited edition tasting menu, featuring nose-to-tail cuts of beef from exclusive producers in Australia.

The tasting menu includes five courses featuring different cuts of wagyu beef, each prepared by the chef to bring out its natural character.

The menu opens with a selection of appetisers including beef tartare, bone marrow, beef consommé, and beef tongue. The next course is a refreshing combination of homemade beef jerky and beef ham served with pickled peaches and fresh cheese. The main event is dry-aged wagyu beef. Dry ageing enhances the natural flavour of the meat, softening the fibres of the meat and leaving it incredibly tender. Finally, the menu ends with a creative homemade biscuit made with beef fat.

The wagyu beef, is sourced from three of Australia’s leading producers are:

Grill 79 Entrance国贸79入口处 Medium 2Rangers Valley
Rangers Valleys is one of Australia’s longest running and most respected premium marbled beef producers, having won numerous awards over the years. Rangers Valley uses a certified fattening system that controls the growth environment and feed of the cattle, ensuring high quality, naturally flavoured beef.

John Dee
The oldest, a single-family owned meat processor in Australia, John Dee cattle are raised on a high-high-quality grain diet for 400 days at the company’s Yarranbrook feedlot. The beef is divided into grades from M2+ to M9+.

Located in the town of Millicent on the Limestone Coast of southern Australia, Mayura adds chocolate crumbs from a nearby producer to their feed, giving the meat an enticingly sweet and slightly nutty flavour.

Grill 79 Main Dining 2

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