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Bans Daytime Dog Walking in a Crackdown on Canines
Published on: 2018-11-23
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201812 Biz 18Dog owners are scrambling to get licences and rabies vaccinations for their pets as rumours spread that the authorities are killing strays and unlicensed dogs.

Earlier this month, Hangzhou became the first of several Chinese cities to revise and enforce strict pet regulations as part of what it said was temporary campaign to “civilise” dogs.

051The Hangzhou campaign started after a woman was beaten by a dog owner for chasing away his unleashed dog from her frightened child.

As a result dogs could no longer be walked during the day and had to be on a leash when on the street.

Under the new regulations, unlicensed dogs will be impounded and their owners fined 10,000 yuan. But rumours soon spread online that dog catchers were beating strays to death.

050The Hangzhou urban management committee quickly rejected the claims, saying it strictly prohibited violence in the rounding up of the animals. Two people were arrested and detained for a week and fined 500 yuan for spreading the rumours.

Meanwhile, veterinary hospitals have struggled to cope with the sudden influx of dog owners seeking rabies vaccinations, a prerequisite for a dog licence.

The number of people vaccinating their pets increased from 40 to 800 a day after the campaign started, the report quoted Hangzhou officials as saying.

Dog owners queue up with their dogs at an office in Xiacheng District of Hangzhouog owners queue up with their dogs at an office in Xiacheng District of Hangzhou

Vets had to turn away cat owners as the queue of dog owners stretched into the street.

Some dog owners seeking licences for their pets have also been stymied by the city’s ban on 34 large and “aggressive” breeds, including the “Chinese rural dog”, a domesticated mixed breed that can range in size from a terrier to an Akita.

The restrictions have been met with opposition from the city’s dog lovers. “These regulations have actually been in place since 1996 and were revised in 2004, the

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