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E-BIZ: Are Blogs Necessary to Your E-commerce Shop?
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Are Blogs Necessary to Your E-commerce Shop?
By Rose Salas

BT 201901 e biz 01您的电子商务平台是否需要博客?

如今,消费者正在根据其偶像的评论和个人见证来购买东西。实现这一目标的一种方法是写博客。 博客现在在推广品牌方面发挥着重要作用。 个人或一群人可以使用博客来激发读者的购买欲,通过非正式但充满对话和友好的写作风格中分享对特定主题的观点,以说服或鼓励他们。博客是读者参与互动的一个完美平台,尤其是如果博客已经在网上获得了知名度和大量粉丝。

随着互联网世界每天都有数以百万计的帖子流传,找到一种有效的方式来让观众保持对您网站的支持是一项挑战。 你必须找到一种让它变得轻松有趣的方法。人们已经从日常活动中受到压力,一篇非常好的博客文章可以减轻他们的情绪。这使得博客对您的电子商务平台而言至关重要。 有价值和定期的帖子可以使您的业务更加成功。

Consumers nowadays are taking their decision to buy something based on the reviews and personal testimonies of their influencers. One way to achieve this is through writing blogs. Blogging is now serving a big role in promoting one’s brand. An individual or group of people can use blogs to excite a reader by sharing views on a particular subject in a little informal yet conversational and friendly style of writing to persuade or encourage them. Blogs are a perfect example of a reader engagement, most especially if the blogger gained popularity and massive followers online.

If you are an e-commerce business owner and you would like to take your marketing campaign into the next level, blogging is a great add-on strategy to your action plans. Since it is an effective way for outreach, it became popular for the following reasons:

• It is the main source of information, real-time updates, and engaging way to connect to followers and clients.

• People checking on your blog can interact, comment, and share their viewpoints on your brand.

• It drives traffic to your store when you publish a viral content and gives you more exposure to the social media world.

• Blogs can be a collection of any topic or something that is related to your brand to attract more audience and for you to create a network of followers that will soon convert to being your customers.


A blog with rich content can make a brand famous, trustworthy, and first-hand source of information. This is why most e-commerce shops are turning into this initiative so they can get ranks and be recognized by their target audience. Some blogs are extremely good they are being followed by people from all over the world because of the topics that they share and people find most interesting and valuable in their daily lifestyle.

Is it really necessary for e-commerce shops to have a blog? Let us take a look at the following reasons:

BT 201901 e biz 02Blogging generates traffic to your website

Content marketing includes writing blog posts that can attract people to visit your site. When you have a blog, you are creating more pages to your website. The more pages you have, the more internal links you can have which directs to your website. If the article or posts that you have written gets shared in a social media platform, your SEO ranks will improve. The possibilities are endless at this point. People who found your post valuable and interesting can link it to their websites and other platforms, giving you more chances of getting traffic from left and right sources.

A regular blog means your site is well-maintained and updated.
Who wants to visit an “old-school” and outdated website? When you do blogs, you also make sure that your website is neat, appealing to an audience, and updated. This is where you tell stories of your brand- like what became your foundation and what you aim to be. People love to hear stories- whether it is a story of success or failure. The better way to let your customers know what kind of company you are is by sharing and storytelling- all these can be done when you blog.

BT 201901 e biz 04Blogging can attract the attention of your competitors.
When your competitor notices you, it only means you are making a good noise. If you are gifted with good writing skills, your expertise can even attract companies inside and outside of your industry. What’s also good about blogging is that, you don’t really have to just write all about your products. It allows you to think outside the box and gives you more ideas to promote your brand. If you do not have the talent to write, you can hire someone to do it for you instead. A lot of businessmen nowadays who sell products overseas hire good content writers to write blogs for them. If you sell on Amazon, customers find it very helpful to read information and reviews not just from your listings but also in the seller’s website and blogs.

What topics can you write on your blogs that can attract people?

BT 201901 e biz 05Today, video marketing is viral. When you post a tutorial or a product review video, people will become very interested to click on the link and read it. Showing them on how to properly use the product in a video is a better way to educate them and to provide good guidelines. You can blog about company updates, new arrival products, sale, contests, or even an influencer that loved or made a shoutout on your brand! Basically, everything that is trendy, intriguing, and purposeful are good stories to write.

When you post something in your social media app, it doesn’t guarantee that your customers will browse and check it all the time. With millions of posts circulating daily in the internet world, finding an effective way to keep your audience stick to your website is a challenge. You must find a way to make it easy and fun. People are already stressed from daily activities of life and reading from a very good blog post can lighten up their mood. This makes blogs necessary and vital for your e-commerce shop. Valuable and regular posts can make your business rank to success.

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