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TRAVEL: Puglia
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By Taylor

BT 201901 travel 01普利亚

意大利南部是一个绝对令人叹为观止的度假胜地,吸引了来自世界各地的游客。 非常适合蜜月旅行,许多夫妻涌向该地区,希望从日常生活的喧嚣中解脱出来,享受一些葡萄酒乡村的阳光。 普利亚充满了丰富的文化和历史遗迹,是一个并没有太多旅行者的意大利南部城市,但是却拥有附近旅游的所有设施,非常宁静的小镇。


如果有一件意大利举世闻名的东西,那就是这个国家的美食。 意大利食物不仅满足了胃,还充满了感官和灵魂。 普利亚(Puglia)是一些令人难以置信的餐厅的所在地,奥斯图尼的Osteria del Tempo Perso是游客和当地人的热门选择,因为它的美食和风景令人惊叹。 餐厅每餐仅约20美元,价格也非常实惠。

BT 201901 travel 02Southern Italy is an absolutely breathtaking vacation destination that draws tourists from around the globe. Perfect for honeymoons, couples flock to the area in hope of detoxing from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives and soak in some wine country sunshine. Filled with rich cultural and historical sites, Puglia is a slightly less visited southern Italy’s city that holds all of the amenities of nearby tourist traps with the charm of a quiet small town.

BT 201901 travel 03Near the airport, Bari Vecchia is a walled city built on a peninsula that juts out into the frothy sea. Due to overcrowding, walking through the city will bring you face to face with aspects of Italian everyday life. Entire families sit outside of their homes and relax together; grandmothers set up tables to make fresh pasta along the edges of the street. As you walk, merchants are basically everywhere, making Bari Vecchia the perfect place to pick up some authentic Italian wares and snacks. Though it is often overlooked for the more tourist friendly aspects of Puglia, the Bari Vecchia is a cannot miss quaint town that you should definitely check out if you have time. Pro tip: if you find yourself lost, take a look at the ground. Black bricks lead you out of the city, while white ones take you further in!

BT 201901 travel 04As Puglia is a seaside area, beaches are a common choice for spending a day. One absolutely stunning option is the Salento Peninsula. Located at the very tip of Italy’s heel, Salento is dotted with beaches that look more like works of art than real life. Clear water and clean sand accompanied with a smattering of small shops, and bed and breakfast joints. Even the locals flock outside to watch the sunset as it changes the sky from picturesque blue to a watercolor masterpiece of oranges, pinks, and gold. If you wish to feel the sand between your toes and to be kissed by lightly salted air, choose any of the beaches along the coastline of the Salento for an absolutely marvelous time.

BT 201901 travel 05It simply would not be an Italian vacation if you did not opt to spend time sampling some of the decadent wines available in the Puglia region. Antica Enotria is a winery that curates a collection of organic wines that carry tunes of earthiness and naturalism. Once a ruined farm, the vineyard was restored by a local man and his family, and has quickly become one of the single most popular wineries in all of Puglia. For four generations the Mottura winery has been creating some of the finest wines in all of Puglia. Mixing traditional winemaking methods with modern technology, the Mottura is a perfect showcase of how one can remain true to their roots while improving upon their craft; tours and tastings can be booked through the winery’s website and, if you have the time, are an amazing way to spend an afternoon. Dozens more wineries all dot the countryside, so take some time to research your options and find the perfect tasting experience for your preferences; there is certainly something for everyone in Puglia!

BT 201901 travel 06If you are in search of a scenic adventure, the Gargano National Park is a great choice for spending a day. One of the largest in all of Italy, the national park is over four hundred and sixty seven square miles total, and features a host of protected local flora and fauna. Named for the Monte Gargano mountain peak, the park is hilly and perfect for hiking and exploring, and includes a small island and several miles of coastline. Two lakes provide a perfect boating area for those interested in checking out the pure waters of the area. Padre Pio, a saint, was buried at San Giovanni Rotondo within the park, where many people go to pay respect and pray. The Gargano National Park is a beautiful place for a picnic, as well, and provides many areas for a romantic evening watching the sunset.

BT 201901 travel 07If there is one thing that Italy is known for, it is the amazing food of the country. Italian food is decadent and aromatic, filling not only the stomach, but also the senses and soul. Puglia is home to some incredible restaurants that hit at all price points imaginable. Osteria del Tempo Perso in Ostuni is a popular choice with tourists and locals alike, due to its mind blowingly good food and stunning visual presentations. At only around 20 USD per meal, the restaurant is surprisingly affordable, as well. Many people also advise visitors to pick up a prickly pear spritz from one of the many venues that offer it, to try out a taste of an Italian classic with a Puglia twist.

From the sights and sounds to the smells and tastes, Puglia is an often overlooked, beautiful city nestled on the Italian southern coast that provides some incredible, once in a lifetime experiences that you simply cannot pass up.

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