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Debut on Beijing-Tianjin-Shanghai line of longer bullet trains
Published on: 2019-01-11
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031A longer Fuxing bullet train made its debut on 5th January 2019, whose 17 cars make room for 90 additional passengers.

The train, which carries a maximum of 1,283 passengers and stop in Tianjin (South Railway Station), travels on the Beijing and Shanghai high-speed rail line at a top speed of 350 kilometers per hour. It has 22 business class seats, 148 first-class seats and 1,113 second-class seats.

030See in below table the train codes and schedule stopping in Tianjin (South Railway Station).

034BJ= Beijing South Railway Station
TJ= Tianjin South Railway Station
Remember that you can travel to Tianjin South Train Station by Tianjin Subway, Line 3.

The first of these longer Fuxing trains left Beijing on 5th January 2019 at noon and arrived in Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station at 4:36 pm.

The Fuxing, or Rejuvenation, is China's self-developed bullet train. Before the launch of the 17 carriage-train, the longest Fuxing had 16 carriages.

035Fuxing trains took to the rails in June 2017, first with eight carriages, and in July 2018 with 16 carriages. The 17-carriage version is 439.9 meters long.

China began using a new national railway schedule on 5th of January 2019 that adds 16 services on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail line, which 10 of them stop in Tianjin South Railway Station.

As the high-speed rail network expands, the bullet train has become one of the Chinese people's favorite means of travel.

036Some 20.6 million trips were made on December 30 and 31, the first two days of the New Year holiday, a year-on-year increase of 549,000.

The company estimated some 413.3 million trips will be made between Jan 21 and March 1, the 40-day Spring Festival travel rush, a year-on-year increase of 8.3 percent. Some 10.33 million trips are expected to be made each day, setting a new record. Spring Festival is China's most important holiday and also the most challenging time for transportation departments.

037Tickets can be brought 30 days in advance via the internet and by phone. On Sunday, tickets went on sale for Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve, February 4th.

With 29,000 km of high-speed rail track, China has more than two-thirds of the world's high-speed railways.

The company plans to put 3,200 km of new high-speed rail track into operation this year, putting it one year ahead of its schedule for having a 30,000-km high-speed rail network.

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