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Viral Videos in 2018
Published on: 2019-01-15
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Here are some of top viral videos from China in 2018.

Huge fire breaks out at oil depot in Tianjin

017A lubricant storage tank in Tianjin caught fire. The city’s fire-fighting agency said on its social media blog. The storage tank belongs to Sinotrans Jiuling Transport and Storage Co. Ltd. and was located in the Dagang area of Tianjin.

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tj fireHeavy rain coming to Tianjin

018Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province are hit by torrential rain as a result of Typhoon Ampil, which made landfall in Shanghai before heading north. Typhoon Ampil-the 10th typhoon of the year-has weakened after making landfall on Shanghai's Chongming Island.

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tj rainElon Musk and Ex-GF Grimes Spotted Eating Hot Pot in Beijing

010Tesla boss Elon Musk and his musician ex-girlfriend Grimes were spotted enjoying a hearty meal of lamb hot pot in Beijing during the entrepreneur's trip to China. The pair, accompanied by a group of nine people, were filmed grabbing a bite at Qimen Hot Pot Restaurant in Beijing, savouring the traditional meal which involves cooking pieces of meat and other ingredients in a large pot of soup stock at the table. 'He told me he enjoyed the meal. I'm so happy he picked our restaurant, it's an honour,' the elated owner, Guo Qi.

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teslaGuy has play button shaved onto head after showing barber paused video of how he wanted his hair cut

011One Chinese guy saw a clip of a nice haircut on the internet. He paused the video and showed it to a barber who then proceeded to give a very accurate recreation. So accurate, in fact, that it included the play button from the video being shaved into either side of the guy’s head. On Weibo, a friend explained that the barber had asked the guy if he really wanted the triangles. Not understanding the question, he had replied in the affirmative. On the bright side, rather than feeling ashamed of his new haircut, the guy has decided to embrace it. Perhaps he’s simply ahead of the times.

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HaircutThree students killed as blast rocks university lab in Beijing

019Three students have been killed in a laboratory blast at a Beijing university. "There was an explosion at the experimental site during a scientific research experiment" on wastewater treatment in the Environmental Engineering Laboratory, said the Beijing Fire Department. "The accident caused three students to die," it added in a statement posted on its social media account. The incident occurred just after 9:30am local time at the Beijing Jiaotong University in the western part of the city.

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beijing kill 3Wall of sand surges on city in China

020A wall of sand measuring almost 100 metres has completely engulfed a city in northwest China. The fast-moving sand storm blowing through the Gansu province of Zhangye, a city in the country’s northwest. The entire city was shrouded in a thick yellow fog and locals were urged to wear protective face masks as the dust settled.

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sandHundreds Queue for Refunds at Ofo's Headquarters

021Hundreds gathered outside bike-sharing company Ofo’s headquarters in Beijing to retrieve their deposits, only to be turned away empty-handed. Customers stand in line to get their deposits back at the headquarters of the bike-sharing platform Ofo in Beijing, Dec 17, 2018. The incident follows two high-profile stories in the past few days of users who had difficulty reclaiming their funds from the app. In order to rent bicycles, Ofo has required users to submit a deposit — 99 yuan for older users or 199 yuan for more recent joiners — which the company says can be refunded within 15 working days upon request.

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ofoAirlines pilot was 'sucked halfway' out of window

022The co-pilot of a Sichuan Airlines flight that was forced to make an emergency landing was “sucked halfway” out of the plane after a cockpit windshield blew out. Captain Liu Chuanjian, hailed as a hero on social media after having to land the Airbus A319 manually, said that his aircraft had just reached a cruising altitude of 32,000 feet when a deafening sound tore through the cockpit. The cockpit experienced a sudden loss of pressure and drop in temperature and when he looked over, the cockpit’s right windshield was gone. “There was no warning sign. Suddenly, the windshield just cracked and made a loud bang. The next thing I know, my co-pilot had been sucked halfway out of the window,” he was quoted as saying.

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pioletTourist Steals Dying Dolphin From Chinese Beach

012A man stolen a dying stranded dolphin from a beach in southern China. Footage of the incident shows a man in black swimming shorts carrying a small dark dolphin with one hand and his cell phone with the other, at Hailing Island (Yangjiang), in Guangdong province. A woman can also be seen following behind him. The dolphin appears to be lifeless. Witnesses say the dolphin was stranded on the beach and stopped moving when the man approached it, picked it up and placed it in his car. The man then reportedly drove off.

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dolponHong Kong Bitcoin ‘millionaire’ throws money from rooftop, gets arrested

013 A notorious Chinese cryptocurrency figure has been arrested after throwing stacks of HK $100 ($12) bills from the rooftop of a building in one of Hong Kong’s poorest districts. Self-styled Bitcoin millionaire Wong Ching-Kit announced the bizarre stunt via Facebook. In the post, he declared money would soon be “falling from the sky.” Sure enough, Wong proceeded to rain cash on Kowloon streets on Saturday, causing havoc as citizens reportedly became frenzied in the rush to collect as many free bills as possible.

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moneyKindergarten dissects pig in front of kids as part of education

023The founder of a kindergarten in central China dissected a whole pig in front of a crowd of young children as part of its education, but netizens are wondering if the demonstration is too gory for preschoolers. A man in white robe was seen cutting open a pig which had been secured on a makeshift wooden rack, as children at the Fuwawa kindergarten tried to squeeze to the front to watch the butchering. The man also removed and held up the pig's innards to show the children as he explained how to dissect a swine. He is said to be the founder of the kindergarten in the town of Yesanguan in Hubei province's Badong county.

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pigA young woman rode a horse through downtown Shanghai

024A young woman wearing a black top and high-heel boots on a late night horseback ride through the streets of Shanghai went viral on Chinese social media. The woman, a 26-year-old native, was detained by local police and given an administrative warning for disturbing the public order. When a passenger in a nearby car asked her what she was doing, the woman smiled and replied, "Nothing, this is my pet." She later stopped at the entrance of a local bar, prompting many residents to film the odd event.

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horseThis Chinese wedding trend is the most over-the-top

025You can keep your food trucks, Mason jar cocktails and ironic photobooths because China has cooked up the most insane wedding trend. Brides across the nation have fallen in love with magical “flying veils.” These aren’t regular veils, oh no — these veils zoom down the aisle after the bride, magically landing on her head with a delicate, dainty touch. It’s as if there are two little birds holding it aloft, a la every Disney princess ever. Alas, the flying veil trend is merely a sleight-of-hand involving, as all the craziest trends do, a lot of elaborate rigging and a pulley system worthy of your backyard tree house. It’s about as magic as the Orlando basketball team and the male stripper known as Mike. As in, it’s magic in name only. Still, we can’t deny that this looks completely incredible and delightfully extra.

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wedding258 runners caught cheating in Shenzhen's half marathon

026Organisers of the Shenzhen half-marathon have said the 258 participants caught cheating during race will not be able to run away from punishment for their actions. As many as 18 runners were found to wearing fake bibs, and three were running on behalf of others. They face lifetime bans from the event. The 237 others, most of whom had taken shortcuts during the race and were caught out by traffic cameras and local photographers, could be banned for two years. In the most blatant case, a traffic camera caught runners turning round at least 1km before they were supposed to make a U-turn, potentially shaving about 10% off the 21km race.

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marathon5-story building spotted floating down the Yangtze River

014Residents in Chongqing looked out their window to see a five-story building heading up the Yangtze. Never a dull day in that town. It turns out that the building is evidently a “floating restaurant” which was forced to relocate for violating the regulations at its previous berth. While it may be able to float, the building doesn’t have motors and so had to be pushed along to its new location.

Click or scan below QR Code to watch.5 floorDad dons dinosaur costume to pick up his daughter

015A 2-meter-tall Tyrannosaurus rex walked into a kindergarten in Shanghai. Fortunately, it only came to pick up its daughter. The parents of the 3-year-old girl said that their daughter had wished that a dinosaur could fetch her from her school after seeing one recently at a shopping mall. On Halloween, they decided to make their little girl’s dream a reality with the father donning a dino suit and heading into the kindergarten.

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dinasorKid sneaks into X-ray machine at train station

016Security staff at a railway station in the Guangdong city of Zhongshan spotted something unusual going through the X-ray machine — a human child. The boy had arrived at the train station with his father and no luggage between them. The dad quickly breezed through the security check only to turn around and find that his son had disappeared. After a few seconds of panic, he turned around again to see his boy coming out the other side of the X-ray machine.

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