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Rich White Bread @ Gang Gang Bakery and Habuka the Butcher
Published on: 2019-01-17
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Rich White Bread

Ganggang new toast tastes quite delicate because of its new selected toast flour and Japanese baking process. What's more, milk, eggs, whipping cream and butter are gently added by hand in order to show the strong smell of milk, and also the soft and smooth taste. So the best way is to eat them straightaway!

(Rich White Bread small) RMB12
(Rich White Bread big) RMB 23
(Rich White Bread whole) RMB 45

There are no bread slices. If you want some, please tell us. In addition, the slices are thick ones.

Habuka’s Remarks

The Japanese are used to eating baked toast. The taste of this habit seems to hardly imagine how it be better.

For many Chinese people, they resist eating raw eggs. while raw eggs are originally used in Japanese beef hotpot, because they can be mixed with the rich sauce, but Chinese people like to drink the thick soup of sauce and prefer not to use raw eggs. That is the taste Chinese people like. On another side, for Japanese, there is a conflict between Chinese dumplings and black vinegar. Japanese people grow up eating dumplings with sauce mixed with soy sauce and white vinegar. However, for Chinese dumplings, only Chinese black vinegar can present a more delicious taste. So it is also hard for Japanese to change their habit.

This time, our new toast is sold with Chinese thoughts and my opinion in combination. In ordinary Chinese families, it seems that many families do not have an oven for baking bread, so this new toast is more in line with Chinese people's habits, and it will taste delicious without baking. Now, I'm eagerly looking forward to having a try!

Of course, ordinary toast is also delicious whether it is baked or not. Choose your favorite eating habit, and it just depends on you.


【Habuka the Butcher 羽深肉铺】
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1F)Supermarket 超市
- 生鲜肉品,葡萄酒,自制面包熟食,进口食品调料,精选蔬菜等,

Tel: 022-8338-5251


2F)Restaurant 餐厅

- 以牛排和葡萄酒为主的bistro店风,不使用化学味精、鸡精,讲求自制,主打牛排讲究产地、部位,时尚品味享受

11:30-14:30 午餐
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