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A photo with such a high resolution
Published on: 2019-02-11
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010A view of Shanghai via BigPixel's high-resolution image

A Chinese company has created photos with such high resolution that you can zoom from thousands of meters away to see people's facial expressions. The photo's resolution is a mind-blowing 195 gigapixels - more than 2,000 times as precise as those captured by an ordinary camera.

011195-gigapixel photo of Shanghai allows viewers to zoom in on street-level detail

012Viewers of the interactive photo can zoom in to see street-level detail

013Individual people can clearly be seen on in the photo

014Viewers can zoom in and out of the interactive image

015The image was taken from the Oriental Pearl Tower

BigPixel says this is its first panorama with hundreds of billions of pixels. The result is an unearthly, uncanny, unsettling ability to zoom in so close to the oblivious person on the street that you can literally see their facial expression.

Tian'anmen Square


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Shanghai Lujiazui


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019qrcode 1

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Thailand Patong


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