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Vogue's new Asian model arouses controversy in China
Published on: 2019-03-06
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050US fashion magazine Vogue's post of a Chinese model on Instagram got slammed by some Chinese netizens, who claimed the magazine is denigrating the Asian model. However, others called for understanding and to respect diversity.

The picture of Chinese model Gao Qizhen, who is a textile-design student at the London College of Fashion in the UK, released on Sunday, features her small eyes, fine eyebrows with a mole in the middle and a flat nose, which has sparked controversy on social media.

051Some Chinese netizens criticized Vogue for denigrating Asians, and some even claimed its racism. "I feel offended by the Vogue's aesthetics," wrote a netizen, questioning why fashion brands always promote the stereotype of Asians (small eyes, pie-shaped face) while picking (generally recognized) beautiful or handsome faces of Westerners.

052"I personally am kind of done with 'unusual' beauty. It's all gone a bit too far into disturbing territory now. Interesting? Yes. Beautiful? No. Bring back the classic beauties, please. They exist in all races," wrote another.

055Challenged by online accusations, a Vogue employee who requested anonymity said that "Vogue probably intended to highlight the oriental features by using the model. But I personally think it is a spread on Chinese culture, as her makeup is quite in the Chinese style."

054While a flood of accusations came from Asian netizens, other voices urged the society to be more tolerant of different fashion styles.

053The incident shows that "beauty" is becoming more diverse and is no longer a one-size-fits-all aesthetic.

Also in February, Zara's new advertisement featuring Chinese model Li Jingwen with her iconic freckled face was also criticized by some Chinese netizens.

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