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HOUSING CHINA to develop MCC Honour Plaza in Tianjin
Published on: 2019-04-17
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050HOUSING CHINA, a company with international vision, a strong resources platform and rich experience in commercial real estate actual combat power, join hands with China metallurgical group, aimed to create unique, ingenious MCC Honour Plaza.

WeChat Image 20190417143004With 500,000 square meters GFA, located in the new BADALI CBD of Hexi District, MCC Honour Plaza is the first integration urban complex project of MCC in Tianjin which set office, shopping mall, culture, entertainment, education training, high-end residential all in one grand synthesis. Double River, Cross axis, Liveable business life.

WeChat Image 20190417143008MCC Honour Plaza, with office building area of 47,000 square meters, standard floor area of 1,800 square meters. The project adopts "neoclassical" ART DECO architectural style and integrates "founder" Oriental elements, adhering to the architectural style of MCC mansion. In order to separate the people flow during the morning and evening rush, the office building is equipped with 10.2 meters high double-hall; 11 Thyssenkrupp speedy elevators help improve business efficiency; Star green building certification, for your health office escort; Dual urban power supply, double insurance for work; The office building shares 2,297 parking Spaces, convenient and quick, visitors worry free.

WeChat Image 20190417143014MCC and HOUSING CHINA, will jointly bring a merchants feast for Tianjin office market, the two companies will also be all-round cooperation in more fields in future.

豪之英联袂央企中冶 拉开津门主角大幕



中冶盛世国际广场写字楼建筑面积4.7万平方米,标准层面积约1800平方米。项目采用“新古典”ART DECO建筑风格融入“方正”东方元素,秉承中冶公馆系产品的建筑风格。写字楼配置10.2米挑高双大堂,早晚高峰分散人流;11部蒂森克虏伯锋速电梯,助力提升商务速度;星级绿色建筑认证,为您的健康办公保驾护航;双路城市供电,商务办公双保险;写字楼共享2297个车位,方便快捷,访客无忧。





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