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New Club opening soon @ I Fitness Club
Published on: 2019-04-23
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WeChat Image 20190423111909airPassionate in helping their clients reach their peak performance, I FITNESS delivers this with its latest high-end equipment, elite level coaching, and highly exclusive memberships.

WeChat Image 20190423112014WeChat Image 20190423112027Located in the Meijiang Fuli Jinmenhu , a new club will open in June this year which with swimming pool, coffee shop and healthy meal. At the same time, it allows its business executives from top companies to concentrate on their customized workouts in an energizing yet calm environment.

WeChat Image 20190423112048Here we spoke to Chen Wei, a coach of I FITNESS, who shared with us many advantages of their fitness facility.

WeChat Image 20190423112055环保木材质瑜伽教室


"Our studio attracts clients who are directors, managers, and high-ranking professionals because of our small class size and specialized coaching. Only 7-8 clients use the gym at the same time, and they are guided by our four professional coaches”.

WeChat Image 20190423112109室内恒温泳池,实时监测水质


Once you register as a member, your fitness level is evaluated in developing an action plan. You can discuss with your coach the areas where you want to focus on. They also take note, especially where your muscles are mostly tense. “Many of our clients are stressed from work and all the pressure, so their muscles are also very tensed. So, what they will do first is do some activities to help their muscles relax.” No matter what your sports preference or activity level is, you are sure to be motivated by the various classes made available per day.

WeChat Image 20190423112104全进口品牌器械 更加高效与专业

Those who are starting will get to take on 1-2 classes per week; then the frequency increases to 3-4 times a week once they get used to it. “The more classes you take per week, the faster it is for you to achieve your results.” I FITNESS coach Chen Wei shares that the success of their clients definitely show because they get to be approached by their colleagues and ask what was done to improve their fitness.

As fitness also becomes a social activity, I FITNESS has a badminton court with eight professional mega-venues for those who want to do group exercises all at the same time.

WeChat Image 20190423112059景观咖啡室配有营养简餐

The best advantage of enrolling in I Fitness is getting your results and competing against yourself. “Many people want to have abs. So, they copy or imitate how people exercise in videos. But the result is totally different for everyone. In I FITNESS, your coach will guide you and give you exact instructions that fit your body type. With a coach, your results can be reached in three months. But to build abs alone, maybe it would take two years because you might injure yourself when you are not doing things right”.

WeChat Image 20190423112118In today’s quest for optimum health, I FITNESS is becoming one of Tianjin’s ultimate venue for those who are serious about wellness or wants a more serene way to sweat.

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I Fitness GYM CLUB / Indoor Badminton Court

Address: No.3 Jingming Road, Jinnan District, Tianjin

Tel: +86 22 2628 9999



I Fitness Meijiang

Address: Area C, Jindian Times Square, Meijiang Area, Hexi District

Tel: +86 22 8836 7567



I Fitness Fuli Jinmenhu (open in June)

Address: West area of Jiangwan Plaza, Fuli Jimenhu, Xiqing District

Tel: +86 22 2628 9999, +86 22 8836 7567














对于增肌减脂有精准要求的会员朋友们可以选择梅江私教工作室。Precor、Life Fitness等全进口知名器械,精英级别的教练为您打造量身定制的健身计划,从训练到饮食作息全方位辅助。






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