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BOOK REVIEW: Meeting China Halfway
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Meeting China Halfway
How to Defuse the Emerging US-China Rivalry
By Lyle Goldstein, 2015

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作者:Lyle Goldstein,2015年

Lyle Goldstein了解当前中国与美国及其邻国的关系以及由于中国日益发展的大国地位及其历史因素而引发的冲突。中美之间由于文化差异和两国历史关系的挑战,两国间紧张局势超过了与其他亚洲国家。Lyle试图通过反思及深刻理解两国实际情况来找到有效方法,为美国和中国制定一个平衡点。



Lyle Goldstein takes a look at the current Chinese relations with neighbours and the emergence of conflict due to the competitive position the country is taking, as well as other historical elements. The poor associations not only exist between China and U.S., but the tension exceeds to other Asian countries fuelled by cultural differences and historical relations’ challenges that have existed among the nations. Lyle attempts to formulate a central meeting point for U.S. and China by reflecting on viable, but unconventional approaches, which involve a deep understanding of the two nations.

Through various approaches like examination of existing literature, Goldstein manages a convincing argument, but also considers the use of different ethnic translations from the Chinese community to understand the issues. The consideration of literature from the military provides a good opportunity to expose the country through a mercenary perspective and realize its need for other countries to meet China halfway. The effectiveness of the reading is the ability to breakdown the cooperation steps into different chapters, but maintaining the need for trust building between U.S. and China to end the tension. Through propositions that explore compromise from both China and the U.S., Goldstein is able to prove informed on the modern approach of dealing with issues by respecting the viewpoints of both communities affected. As the book considers the positive attitude of China towards Korean military development, the author manages to expose the reverse sentiments of the U.S. towards any nation growing their militia strength. The author explores the differences in sentiments towards military and cites that the adoption of similar attitudes in the U.S. on any nation developing their strength is a reflection of understanding and intellectual progress by the super power.

Interestingly, Goldstein is able to point out the confidence of the Chinese in the tensions as the U.S. proves to be adversely disturbed by being surpassed economically by China and expected growth in a similar direction. In the compromise, Goldstein maintains that the ease of tensions in Guam and the control of weapon sales in Taiwan are some of the most crucial issues to be addressed in meeting China halfway. A consideration of the attitudes of the public towards the environment and how both nations can use the positive desire to make changes as a platform for pushing for understanding between the two populations.

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