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No more 'Beijing bikini'
Published on: 2019-07-09
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033Each summer, as Chinese cities swelter under the baking heat, middle-aged men across the country roll their T-shirts up above their bellies to cool down.

It's a style so ubiquitous that it's even earned a fond nickname: the "Beijing bikini."

But in a city in China's eastern Shandong province, Beijing bikini lovers -- and those who forgo tops altogether -- have fallen out of favor with the local authorities.

030On Tuesday, authorities in Jinan -- a city of 8.7 million -- issued a notice ordering the public to keep their shirts on in public places. It came as temperatures rose to a sweltering 36C (96F) this week.

032The sight of middle-aged men in China relaxing in public places with their shirt rolled up to expose their stomach, or going completely topless, is a common one throughout the country.

036But Jinan authorities aim to rectify such "uncivilized behavior," according to the notice, which added that citizens had complained about the "uncivilized phenomenon" which damaged the image of the city.

031Authorities said they planned to crack down on "improper dressing in public places," which included "shirtlessness" and "wanton exposure of body parts." Public bickering, jumping queues, littering, and "uncivilized dog walking" are also being targeted under the notice, which is aimed at enhancing the image of the city.

034In Tianjin a man was fined around 50rmb in May for shopping shirtless in a supermarket, according to the Tianjin police. The city introduced a regulation banning going topless earlier this year.

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