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METROPOLITAN INTERVARSITY POLO 2019 @ Tianjin Metropolitan Polo Club
Published on: 2019-07-15
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05The Metropolitan Intervarsity Polo 2019 was held from July 13th to July 14th at the Tianjin Metropolitan Polo Club. Four teams from the University of Oxford Polo Team, the University of London Polo Team, the US Skidmore College Polo Team and the Shanghai Celebrity Jiao Tong University Polo Team gathered in Tianjin. After two days of intense competition, the University of London Polo Team defeated the University of Oxford Polo Team with a big score of 8:1 and defended the champion.


01In the afternoon of July 13, the opening ceremony of the event was held in Tianjin Golden Metropolitan Polo Club. At the ceremony, the teams were ready to take the field. Mr.Domenico Palumbo, general manager of Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club, made a speech at the ceremony. He hoped that improving the understanding and love of the Chinese teenagers on polo and promoting international academic and cultural exchanges by the high-level polo competition.


0203040506The first day of the game was played by University of Oxford Polo Teamvs. Skidmore College Polo Team, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Polo Team vs. University of London Polo Team. The Executive Vice Chairman of Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club Ltd. and the President of Tianjin Turf & Equestrian Association, Mr. Fred Zhou, and a famous painter, Mr. Wu Lusheng, kicked off the fierce competition. In the two semi-finals, University of Oxford Polo Team and University of London Polo Team won by high score and advanced to the final. On July 14, the two teams launched a peak matchup, and University of London Polo Team won the championship.


07In addition to the competition,exchange activities like Metropolitan Intervarsity Polo 2019 tournament Gala Dinner, Overseas Study Sharing Session and Fun Carnival not only enriched the content of the event, but also gave Tianjin local students and parents an opportunity to face-to-face cultural and academic exchanges with students from top famous universities.


Metropolitan Intervarsity Polo tournament has been held in Tianjin since 2013. It was held once a year and has been settled in Tianjin for seven consecutive years. It's organized by the Chinese Equestrian Association and hosted by Tianjin Golden Metropolitan Polo Club. On the one hand, it is based on the cultivation of polo sport for teenagers and arouses teenagers' interest in polo sport through high-level international competitions. On the other hand,it hopes that through some communication activities expanding Tianjin teenagers' horizons and expanding exchange and learning with students fromtop famous universities, so as to achieve the goal of competing in the arena and making friends outside the arena.


08s an international and young sports event, Metropolitan Intervarsity Polo 2019 tournament has attracted the sponsorship of Tianjin Baodi, one of the top ten distributors, Infiniti in China. Infiniti QX50 adheres to the design essence of Infiniti's new "Breakthrough Aesthetics", and by virtue of the perfect integration of natural elements and sculpture sense of human fishing line, conveys a unique industrial aesthetics and artistic aesthetic sense, expresses its endless supreme pursuit, and achieves its unique temperament of luxury. Infiniti QX60, a large luxury seven-seat SUV imported, is the preferred model for families with two children, to expand the capacity of love and create a high-quality all-purpose vehicle. Infiniti always pays attention to the unique avant-garde design, excellent product performance and intimate customer service, adhering to the unremitting pursuit of excellence and elegance, this is the title sponsor of the event, the sincerity to help each player surpass themselves, release their potential, and achieve good results.


In addition, this tournament got the active participation and support of many partners, such as Fortune Heights, Rural Commercial Bank Lucky Life APP, to develop cross-border communication of polo culture and lead a new fashion trend.


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