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FOCUS: Google Revokes Android License to Huawei
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Market Shaking
Google Revokes Android License to Huawei
By Rose Salas

BT 201907 FOCUS 01市场震荡


Google announced that Huawei Technologies was restricted to access updates to its Android’s operating system through Reuters on Sunday, May 19. The suspension of business took place after the strict implementation of the Trade Blacklist, which forbids having business with US companies without the approval of the government. The ban resulted to Google’s services being discontinued to future devices of Huawei, as they will no longer supply updates, and core apps like Chrome, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and Google Play Store will disappear.

The news made an agitating impact on all Huawei fans around the world, especially those who are using Google services. It is undeniable that Google is an essential requisite of an Android smart phone, and Huawei users cannot fully utilize their mobile phones without having access to Google’s Play Store. The announcement circulated in all social media platforms and became very shocking and indeed upsetting for all Huawei smart phone owners, because the majority of the consumers outside China use Google apps and its services; which is one of the reasons for buying an Android phone. Google said they only complied with the order when the Trump administration put Huawei Technologies to their Blacklist.


BT 201907 FOCUS 02What’s left for Huawei users?

The ongoing Huawei devices, which currently have access to the Google Play Store, can still download app updates through the store. Google Play and Google Play Protect will remain to function on all existing Huawei devices. They will continue to protect existing Huawei phones from different malware attackers. Huawei will not lose access to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which is Android’s free operating system and open-source license that is available for use for everyone.

The news brought disappointment to Huawei users from this appalling decision from Google. Nevertheless, the Chinese giant will continue to provide security updates, including after-sales services to all their existing Huawei products, whether it’s for existing smartphone and tablet products, or even those that are still in stock from its global shops. Huawei said that they have been preparing a contingency plan for the last few years. They have been proactive by developing its technology in the anticipation that they could be blocked from using Android. A few months back, Huawei revealed that they are ready in case Google will no longer open their doors to the partnership.

The cutting of ties from Google and other companies where Huawei purchases chips and hardware components, such as Qualcomm and Intel, is another compliance from the US government. Hence, they were prohibited from working directly for all technical, hardware, and software services for Huawei. It will inevitably cause massive disruption, particularly in Europe - which is the second biggest market, once the decision becomes explicitly final. Different opinions are airing on social media. A few commented that though Huawei will have its own operating system and app store, it will still take time for consumers to get by with the new concept. It might also open doors of opportunity for other brands like Xiaomi and OnePlus to dominate the market. However, HiSilicon, a division of Huawei, stated that they were ready for any ban.

BT 201907 FOCUS 03对华为用户意味着什么?

美国政府的另一项要求。是禁止高通和英特尔等芯片和硬件组建等其他公司直接为华为提供服务。一旦决定最终明确,它将不可避免地造成大规模的破坏,特别是在欧洲 - 这是华为的第二大市场。不同的意见正在社交媒体播出,一些人评论说,尽管华为将拥有自己的操作系统和应用程序商店,但消费者仍需要时间来应对这一新概念。然而,华为旗下的海思半导体表示,他们已准备好迎接任何禁令。

BT 201907 FOCUS 04US Delays Ban

Meanwhile, the US government revised their decision on Monday, May 21st, to put the ban on hold for approximately 90 days on existing hardware and software, to give time for the tech sector to adjust. The temporary 90-day exemption has been granted, so Huawei can purchase equipment and enable to complete the software updates and to alleviate the impact on existing smartphone owners. According to its founder, Ren Zhengfei, the effect of the suspension will be very big, and they are currently discussing emergency relief measures. US Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, said, "The Temporary General License grants operators time to make other arrangements and the Department space to determine the appropriate long term measures for Americans and foreign telecommunications providers that currently rely on Huawei equipment for critical services."

The decision of the US to ban the collaboration, technology, and services from foreign adversaries is believed to be a warning to all Android phone companies. The challenge rises as Huawei will need to outwit and introduce to the public the alternative solution for the award-winning Google services. There is no press release yet on how Huawei will resolve this Android barrier and hurdles for their future device to appease the Google users. It will mean creating its own App Store that you can find in Huawei phones, as AppGallery. At the moment, global users are waiting for Huawei’s “Plan B.”


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