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Housing China's Practice of Commercial Real Estate Differentiation
Published on: 2019-07-19
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2In recent years, the stock of office building market has increased sharply, the growth rate of demand is relatively lagging behind, the overall market is in a situation of oversupply, tenants occupy a dominant position in the negotiations. Housing China is well versed in office market changes and demand trends in China. We believe that future office products should incorporate digital technology experience to create intelligent office buildings; plan the business supporting facilities of the whole building, while meeting the business life needs of enterprises and employees; clarify the industrial positioning, import core enterprises, and form a clustering effect. Provide a variety of delivery standards to meet the office needs of different types of enterprises. Only by creating differentiated office products can we stand out in the market competition.


6Housing is the largest comprehensive real estate operation service provider in Japan. The company was founded in 1958. In 1994, Housing China - a specialized comprehensive real estate operation service enterprise, was established in China. It was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2002.

豪之英是日本最大的不动产综合运营服务商,公司于1958年成立,1994 年在中国成立专业化不动产综合运营服务企业-豪之英中国,2002年在日本东京证券交易所上市。

Housing China, adhering to the excellent management concept and professional technology of Japan's Home Office for more than 60 years, has develop a unique management and development mode in the light of China's situation. It has carried out in-depth commercial real estate business from the dimensions of industrial planning, investment and leasing, property management, enterprise services, building renovation and the construction of intelligent system in an all-round way to build a Japanese differentiated services of Housing China.

豪之英中国秉承日本本社 60 余年优秀的管理理念和专业技术,结合中国国情形成了独具特色的管理发展模式, 从产业规划、招商租赁、物业管理、企业服务、建筑修缮及智慧系统建设等维度全方位深入商办地产业务,打造豪之英日系差异化服务。

7Ms. Jia Dan, General Manager of Office Building Services Department in North China and South China, said: In 2019,Housing China will continue to promote the global business layout, focusing on strengthening China market. At present, the company has covered Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei in North China, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in South China, Yangtze River Delta in East China, Northeast China and Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone. Housing China will focus on North China, take advantage of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration, take Tianjin as the center, and intensify efforts to focus on development.


With forward-looking planning and excellent platform, Housing China focuses on the core area of the city and provides consultant research, project rental, property management, bulk real estate trading and asset management services throughout the life cycle of the project to assist the owners in comprehensively interpreting products, accurately marketing, setting up a mature operation system and speeding up the completion of the project’s Strategic territory.


8Housing China has always stood in the global perspective, with profound market experience, to help customers customize the best service plan. For excellent enterprises, the criteria for location selection are not only rent cost, location, transportation and property management, but also the selection of excellent circle platform, prediction of regional risks and future office development planning for the agency company from a professional perspective. Housing China bases itself on the platform of Japanese-funded enterprises, strengthens the gathering effect, exerts all-round functions of agent company, provides pre-service, mid-service and post-service for the development of enterprises' office life cycle, and actively promotes the development of professional commercial real estate industry chain. The 360 degree OTS service provided by Housing China will open up new business for enterprises, dock relevant departments and build business platforms so as to relieve the worries of enterprises' operation and enable enterprises to devote themselves to the development of their main business.

豪之英一直站在全球的视野高度,以深厚的市场经验,帮助客户定制最优的服务方案。对于优秀的企业来说,选址的标准,不仅仅是租金成本、区位地段、交通和物业管理这些基本因素,更需要代理公司从专业角度为企业选择优秀的圈层平台、预测区域风险,以及做好未来的办公发展规划。豪之英立足日资企业平台,强化聚集效应,发挥代理行全方位职能,为企业办公发展提供前、中、后全生命周期服务,积极推动专业商办地产全产业链发展。豪之英提供的 360° OTS 服务将为企业开辟新业务、对接相关部门、搭建商务平台,免除企业运营方面的后顾之忧,让企业能够全心专注主营业务的发展。

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