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New Facekini Designs Hit the Beaches
Published on: 2019-08-12
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050If you see a strange-looking sea monster crawl onto the beach, don't be alarmed, it's likely a woman wearing a new and wildly-designed bod-kini. 

054Six models strutting on a crowded beach in Qingdao, Shandong Province showing off their head-to-foot outfits that reveal only their eyes, mouth and feet, and are intended to be total sun blockers.

One of the model's bod-kini appears to have fish scales making her look like a perfect mate for the fish-man from the U.S. film The Shape of Water.

055Other models' full-body outfits make them appear to be wearing a bikini, except their suits' bare skin is bright red or blue.

056The bod-kini is a step-up from the face-kini that covers the wearer's entire head and debuted on Chinese beaches last year. 

057Zhang Shifan, the founder of both claimed that the elaborate designs of the sun-blocking costumes contain elements of ancient Chinese culture.

051The head covering of some costumes make the wearer appear to be dressed in fashions popular centuries ago.052053

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