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How to apply electronic toll collection (ETC) online
Published on: 2019-08-20
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030China on Sunday launched online services to accelerate the installation of electronic toll collection (ETC) devices as it aims to automatize payment for 80 percent of the country's registered vehicles by the year end.

Drivers can now apply online for installation free of charge, have the devices delivered to their doorstep, and activate via the State Council app or the official Wechat account of the Ministry of Transport.

China now has some 107 million ETC devices, and the number of users is expected to grow to 180 million by the end of this year, according to the ministry.

Last year, only 30 percent of the country's 240 million vehicles adopted ETC systems.

To step up adoption, the country also offers drivers who use the system discounts of at least 5 percent on toll charges.

The moves are part of a broader plan to improve the efficiency of road transport and reduce logistics costs.

How to apply for ETC Online

1. Scan the QR Code of Official Wechat account of the Ministry of Transport , Click "Apply ETC"





① Enter your phone number, click to get the verification code, enter the correct verification code, you can log in successfully.


012② Sumit your the photos of both side of your ID card. After the ID card is successfully identified, the face recognition authentication is performed, and after the face recognition is successful, the real-name authentication process is completed.


013014③ Bind with your bank card.


015④ Vehicle certification: Select the license plate color and enter the license plate number for verification. Before online processing, you must first select the issuer, then upload the original license and a copy of the driver's license. After the license is successfully identified, click Next to proceed with the vehicle issuance.


016017⑤ Bind the requested vehicle to the contracted bank card


018⑥ Confirm your address for delivery.


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