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Schlote Automotive Parts Tianjin, Opening Phase II & R&D Center
Published on: 2019-09-11
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234The opening ceremony for Phase II & R&D Center of Schlote Automotive Parts (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as SCT) was successfully held on 3 September, 2019. It's a great pleasure for SCT to have this opportunity to celebrate the grand event with friends from all walks of life.


56The foreign media: Business Tianjin was invited to present and conducted an exclusive interview with CEO of Schlote Group: Mr. Jürgen Schlote on the topic of Schlote Group’s development strategy in China.

庆典前, 外媒《津卫商务》团队应邀出席,同时就施洛特集团中国发展战略对施洛特集团CEO Jürgen Schlote先生进行专题采访。

DSC 4118 32718Schlote group CEO Mr. Schlote, CTO Mr. Schulz, and SCT GM Mr. GaoJiangang, along with all the staff, extended warm welcome to all the distinguished guests to witness the historical moment.

施洛特集团CEO Mr. Schlote先生,CTO Mr. Schulz先生及SCT总经理高建刚先生作为东道主,携全体员工对到场祝贺的嘉宾表示热烈欢迎,共庆SCT二期工厂和研发中心开业大吉,共同见证施洛特集团在中国发展的里程碑时刻。

910At 14:08 the opening ceremony started with “Water Drum” show, which pray for blessing.


11Schlote group CEO Mr. Schlote and SCT GM Mr. GaoJiangang made opening remarks.

施洛特集团CEO Mr. JürgenSchlote先生、SCT总经理高建刚先生致开业贺词。

“Schlote Group expressed warm welcome and sincere gratitude to all the guest, and whole company staff. With great support of the government, business partner and the hard working employees, SCT has achieved leapfrog development in just five years. 2019 marks its 50th anniversary of Schlote Group, in this year the on schedule hand over of phase II plant, and the successful completion of the R&D center have greatly boosted Schlote Group’s development in Asia Pacific area. Schlote Group will base on Tianjin with a brand-new image and draw on science and technology to bolster the prosperity of airtropolis economy, not only to serve Asia, but also brush a magnificent chapter into the history of Sino-German intelligent manufacturing.”


12Mr. Xu Ning delivered a speech on behalf of ZF (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

SCT二期工厂已实现首个启动项目ZF 8HP50交付,徐宁先生代表采埃孚中国发表讲话。

“As an important strategic partner of Schlote Group, a concerted effort has been achieved Europe, the United States, and Asia over the past three decades. After both sides’ concerted efforts and deep exchange, the 8HP project was finally successfully introduced from Germany to China, realizing the first localization of the 8-gears transmission. Today is a new stage of development for Schlote. On behalf of ZF Group, I’d like to express my warm congratulations and wish SCT a prosperous future and bright prospect. ”


13Mr. Schmidt made a speech representing Handtmann Group, an important strategic partner of Schlote Group.

施洛特集团重要战略合作伙伴汉特曼集团,由Mr. Schmidt先生代表发言。

"Since 2014 HFT and SCT have grown synergetic coordinated on DQ project of Volkswagen Automatic Transmission Tianjin. In 2018, we work together for BMW oilpan project. In 2019 the Phase II plant of both sides was completed to serve ZF 8 HP project. And now we are here to celebrate SCT opening ceremony of the Phase II and R&D center. In the future, Handtmann Group sincerely hope to carry out all aspects to cooperate with Schlote Group hand in hand to create brilliant and explore the market for our common promising future.”

HFT与SCT2014我们共同伴随大众变速箱项目落户天津,协同发展、彼此见证,2015至今日实现DQ项目累计3代产品更新;2018合作BMW 接油盘项目;2019二期厂房相继落成服务于ZF 8HP;今日恭祝SCT二期工厂及研发中心开业典礼圆满成功;未来,我们将继续携手并进,共同为汽车产业发展贡献一份力量。

14Mr. Li, General Manager of Tianjin Tianbao Construction & Development Co, Ltd., delivered a speech.


"The 19th National Congress proposed the new task of socialist construction. SCT Phase II plant as a key project of Tianjin Airport Economic Area, Tianbao always adhere to the Party's Spirit to ensure the implementation of project progress as planned. After two months planning and eight months construction, the plant was handed over on the committed date to realize the operation. Tianbao will adhere to the guiding principle of socialism to serve enterprises to support SCT for bright prospect.”


Schlote Group CEO Mr. Schlote, CTO Mr. Schulz, SCT General Manager GaoJiangang, ZF (China) Mr. Xu Ning, ZFTS Mr. Xu Zhiwei, Handtmann Group CEO Mr. Schmidt, HFT Mr. Markus Handtmann, CMBC Tianjin Mr. Liu Hang, Jiangsu Rovma Group Mr. Wu and Tianbao Mr. Li were invited for ribbon-cutting ceremony to open a new chapter of Schlote Group: connecting the intelligence and innovation from Tianjin to Asia-Pacific.

伴着礼炮声声,在喜庆、欢快的音乐声中,施洛特集团CEO Mr. Schlote先生, CTO Mr. Schulz先生, SCT总经理高建刚先生、ZF中国投资徐宁先生、ZFTS徐志伟先生、汉特曼集团 CEO Mr. Schmidt先生、HFT Markus Handtmann先生、天津民生银行刘行、江苏锐美集团吴总、天保建设发展有限公司李总共同推动连杆,揭开施洛特集团“笃行敬事,科技引领,立足天津,服务亚洲”新篇章。

161718DSC 4245DSC 4254DSC 4225

The experience of 50 years stormy trials, only the glory and achievements of today. The opening ceremony is not only the witness, it is also a signal of Schlote Group to become a centur enterprise, to open a new development chapter in Asia-Pacific. With the concept of "Excellence in Precision" Schlote Group has continuously in technology research to seize the opportunity, meet the challenges for a win-win future.

当今企业的竞争,就是研发与创新的竞争,唯有执牛耳于研发,才能笑傲于市场,驰骋于未来。在过去的50年中施洛特集团以”吾善工孔”的核心竞争力, 极深研几的精神,不断地发展,才有了今日辉煌。本次开业典礼是集团迈向百年企业的全新开始,号角声声,与您共鉴华彩;日敬毋治,我们武艺精熟信心满怀,下一个50年施洛特与您携手并进,共赢未来。19ßñ

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