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ART & LEISURE: Chinese Traditional Healthcare The Health Preservation Theory
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Chinese Traditional Healthcare
The Health Preservation Theory
By Rose Salas

Collaboration between traditional Chinese medicine and the West could offer opportunities to improve healthcare and lower primary care costsCollaboration between traditional Chinese medicine and the West could offer opportunities to improve healthcare and lower primary care costs

For the past years, people’s way of living is cultivating, so health preservation has become a catchphrase, even TV shows dedicated a slot for it. Yes, to live longer in this world is everyone’s hope and dream. Giving attention to our health is one of the best ways to live longer than everybody else. In Health preservation, traditional Chinese medication is one way to prevent diseases, enhance physical fitness, postpone ageing, and prolong our life. This can be achieved by spiritual toning, therapeutic and medicated diets, healthy exercises, and other different approaches, such as:

Health Preservation Theory is a vital factor in ancient medicine. Throughout the years, it has been part of the Chinese culture, because it recommends proper heath preservation using the following:

• Massage 
• Healthy Diet
• Sports
• Scheduled Work
• Rest
• Psychological Cultivation

BT 201911 ART 11The following concepts are ways on how you can apply the Health Preservation in these modern days:


Live Daily

In today’s world, people are used to working hard to get all the things they want that they forget to take care of their health. Adult and children alike are hooked with mobile phones, computers, and the internet that they don’t have time to spend with their family or friends. They are starting to have an unhealthy lifestyle, unlike before the internet came in.

People in the old days used to work once the sun comes out, then stop working once it sets at night to have enough energy for the next day’s work. Children used to play outside with all the laughter they need to boost their immune system. Modern people may find it uninteresting, but it is healthier than just sitting all day long playing with their phones or computers.

BT 201911 ART 02保持作息


Balanced Diet

Of course, eating healthy is one of the best ways to live longer. Keeping a healthy lifestyle will make you defy sickness and will keep your body fit and active. In our generation, we are lucky enough to have a lot of food choices, but it is tricky how we can have the healthiest food possible. Eating healthy food does not mean eating more meat; we should also have a healthy balanced diet. But how are we going to know if we are eating a healthy balanced meal?

Here is some of the food you should take, if you want to have a healthy balanced meal.

BT 201911 ART 06Vegetables

It should include dark, leafy green vegetables, such as broccoli, celery, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, kale, and bok choy. You can also add carrots, turnips, eggplants, radishes, green peppers, and other Asian vegetables, such as bamboo, lotus roots, celtuce, and Chinese yam.

BT 201911 ART 07


You can eat almost every kind of fruit in the Asian diet, such as apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, mangoes, pears, watermelon, pineapple, and strawberries.

BT 201911 ART 08Grains

It is one of the staple foods in every Asian country, and rice is the most common of them all. There is a wide variety of rice, such as white rice, long-grain rice, jasmine rice, even red, black, and purple rice. Each kind has its nutritional value, so it is recommended to eat several types. BUT, do not consume too much, as if anything has overeaten, it is not healthy. You can also try wheat grains. It is usually in the form of noodles, bread, and steamed buns.

BT 201911 ART 09Meat

It plays a supporting role in the Asian diet plan. Still, it doesn’t mean that there are only a few kinds to choose from. However, Asian people prefer lean meats, such as duck, fish, chicken, and pork. Asian people eat beef infrequently, though.

So, make sure to have your healthy balanced meal every day to be in an excellent physical form and live longer.

BT 201911 ART 03均衡饮食


Equally stable movement and stillness

We all know that right after dinner, people come over to parks and boulevards to engage in several forms of physical activities, such as jogging, walking, and even Tai Chi. It is vital to balance your motion and stillness to help you out with your daily activities. It is helpful to preserve our health through sports or exercise. We should also alternate tension with relaxation to cheer our heart and compose our mind.

BT 201911 ART 05动静结合


Union of Figure and Spirit

A lot of people think that if we nurture our body, it will keep us fit and healthy. Yes, it will, but nourishing our mind is the most fundamental in preserving our health. Keeping yourself calm in every situation can make you live longer. If you can maintain your spirit, you will be immune from any form of diseases. Make it a habit to keep your mind in a healthy state, and everything else will follow.

BT 201911 ART 04注重精神生活


Do not force yourself to work hard and stay up late. Give time to rest, run a little, and eat a healthy balanced meal. Preserving your health is more important than all the money and things in this world. Your family needs you more than anything else, so make sure to have a healthy lifestyle and have fun with them.

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