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Jack Ma In His Own Words
By Jack Ma, Suk Lee (Editor), Bob Song (Editor), 2016

BT 201911 BOOK 01This is a book about a man that has risen from nothing to everything. Jack Ma the owner and creator of Alibaba, an e-commerce giant that broke all records and went public for 25 billion dollars in 2014, didn’t come from a wealthy family. This man didn't have much during his childhood and he has famously been rejected through his life many times. But, as the book title says, he never gave up and today he is one of the most influential people in the tech world and he enjoys a huge amount of influence in China. Today, he is one of the most talked about people in the entrepreneur world, while being the first ever Chinese entrepreneur to be featured on the front cover of Forbes magazine. This is one of the most inspiring people in this sphere of business since he started with 20 thousand dollars that were given to him by his family and friends. He turned that relatively small budget into this giant company, with only his business mind.

Ma has remained kind of unknown to the American public despite his amazing story and rise from poverty. This book is a collection of candid quotes said and written by Ma himself, one of the world's most prominent tech figures in the last 20 years. The book covers some 200 quotes on anything from innovation, healthy competition, life, teamwork, everyday values… Many of the quotes you are going to find in this book have been taken directly from his interviews, and for the people out there that don't speak Chinese, this can be a great way to educate themselves and get more insight into the thoughts of one of the world's greatest minds.

Overall, this is a great read for anyone who is looking to broaden their horizons with some Chinese wisdom. We know that Chinese wisdom can definitely help the development of anything on any level. From development on a personal level to the creation and building of a company, Chinese wisdom from a great mind like Jack Ma can give you the edge when it comes to comparing yourself to the competition in the sphere of economy and business.

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