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E-BIZ: eCorp Formation
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eCorp Formation
Create a Business Corporation Completely Online
By Rose Salas

BT 201911 EBIZ 02Owning an online business is one of the most flexible types of entrepreneurship that one or a group of people can set up nowadays. When you have an online business, you can work anywhere and anytime with a low start-up cost. Making a living on the internet is becoming one of the major options of someone who wishes to become the boss of their own brand.

When you decide to put up a business online, and you have chosen a structure, either a limited liability company (LLC) or a corporation, you can now take advantage of eCorpFormation. In essence, you can completely leave paper works, filing, and registration by going in person to the place of registration, because you can just do it all online.

How do you set up your eCorp?

BT 201911 EBIZ 031. Decide where you want to set up your business.

This is the step where in-depth researching and concerted planning is needed. Depending on where you want to set up your online corporation, there are rules and regulations that you need to follow before you operate online. If you decide to cross borders, you need to check the possibility of putting up your business specifically if you do not want to physically go there to register it. The niche of your brand is another factor to consider if you will sell in a foreign country.

2. Think of your business name and check if it is unique and available.

Creating an original and no duplicate business name is very significant. This will save you from trademark infringement if, by chance, you create a name that is closely similar to another business. There are several ways which you can use to check if the name you have chosen is already registered. One is by checking on the state’s website if the name is still available. You can also go to LLC name search websites like https://llc-made-easy.com or check it via entity name websites.

3. Register your domain name.

Choose from online companies where you want to register your domain name. This is going to be your internet address. You can pay an annual fee for the service. An example is www.domain.com.

4. Paper Filing for your online Corporation.

You need to get a certificate from the state where you will file your business. To do this, you can contact the state agency that can help you process the documents and submit them online. Once processed, you will get a certificate stating that your business is now registered and existing.

5. Prepare License and other requirements.

This step is crucial because it involves the tax requirements and how you can pay it when the business starts to operate. Getting a business license is significant, and requirements can also be submitted online.

6. Get your website ready.

After the completion of business requirements and acquiring the necessary licenses, you can now set up your website and start selling. You have options to use a third-party platform, an ecommerce site, or build your own. You have to evaluate the pros and cons of each option, so you can grow your business in less time. Picking the right platform to sell your product will save you from unwanted expense and effort.

Complying with the list of foreign regulations can be exhaustive if you are not familiar with business legalities. However, there are online agencies that can help you to set up your online corporation from scratch until you are about ready to operate. These agencies will give you directions and walk you through the steps and do most of the filing for you in the state where you’re setting up your business. This will ease the burden of having to deal with language barriers or cultural differences.

BT 201911 EBIZ 04According to Sellics.com, the TOP 10 international cities to start an online business are the following:

1.Quebec, Canada
2.Winnipeg, Canada
3.Sheffield, UK
4.Montreal, Canada
5.Nottingham, UK
6.Leicester, UK
7.Adelaide, Australia
8.Glasgow, UK
9.Liverpool, UK
10.Marseille, France

BT 201911 EBIZ 09Quebec City

Why these countries? These cities, after conducting a survey, showed a strong and solid existing online business presence and are becoming popular for places with web entrepreneurs. Different factors were viewed and considered to prove why they are the best cities to start an online corporation, such as the following:

• The popularity of online shopping and access to financing
• Online venture infrastructure
• Cost of living
• Set up fees
• Political and economic stability
• Low corruption rate

BT 201911 EBIZ 08Online Corporation will allow you to manage a business through your website without the need of hiring regular employees. Technology has allowed all the possibilities of setting up and running an entire business using the internet with great advantages. Some of which are 24/7 global access, enhanced client service with the use of online applications, cost savings, paperless office, and greater opportunities to expand in different countries.

Another option for eCorporation, which is getting larger, is when foreign brands market their products in China through the use of online platform like Taobao. Being the largest online platform, foreign businesses are attracted to set up their Taobao store. Consulting companies, like Daxue Consulting, are reliable companies that do variety of services to wide range of foreign clients, who want to enter the Chinese market. Some of their clients are as follows:

BT 201911 EBIZ 05Some clothing retailer US brands, like Gap and Adidas expanded their reach in Chinese customers through Taobao Mall. Because of the high demand of luxury items from Chinese consumers, this ecommerce platform is providing an ecosystem of business solution providers for foreign brands. TP (Taobao Partner or Tmall Partner) is an online service provider that can assist, partner, or collaborate with foreign brands, so they can operate in their behalf in the major market places like JD, Tmall and Vipshop.

BT 201911 EBIZ 06If you are a foreign company who wishes to set up a company in China through eCorpFormation, there are several companies who offer services that can help you from scratch. They are service providers who will help you register your company, quick and hassle-free! All you need to do is hire their services and they will take care of everything so you can operate your business in no time. For instance, Business China (https://www.set-up-company.com/) is a reputable company that you can hire to register your company in China via online processing. They have a customized service package that will fit your business needs and since they cater internationally, they can communicate using your mother language and you’ll never have to worry about communication barriers.

As the future of eBusiness provides wider and bigger opportunities, eCorps must be familiarized with local laws and regulations that should apply to any online niche and activities. Planning for risks like data theft and loss, scams, viruses, and equipment’s hardware should be a top priority. Are you planning to venture into an online corporation? Let these steps guide you and remember to look for the best agency that can help you set up everything in a flash!

BT 201911 EBIZ 07建立一家在线企业是最灵活的创业方式之一。现在,可以通过eCorpFormation在线完成对一家公司的注册流程。








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