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MARKETING: Smart Homes Meet Even Smarter Marketing
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Smart Homes Meet Even Smarter Marketing
By Andy Marsh

BT 201911 MARKETING 011“Connected TV is the future of advertising,” is a complete and factual statement based on data collected in the past three years. The use of CTV for advertising is growing like wildfire.

It is expected that half the US population will watch connected TV by 2019; this stands at 51.7% up 6.5% from the 2017 index. Even more toppings to this advertising ice-cream cone are that the time spent watching CTV is expected to increase. What an age to be an ad agent.

This vast new world of advertising opened up in the past year and a half. Many ad companies saw enormous changes in their ad consumptions as a result of advertising on CTV. Below is a graph showing the increase in the use of CTV over the years from 2016 to 2018.

As the use of CTV increases, the cost of advertising on this platform reduces. What makes this better is the fact that even avenues that are viewed predominantly on mobile devices act as avenues for influencing increased usage of CTVs. For instance, those who watch YouTube videos see adds on Netflix shows. Hence, the potential for this goldmine is unfathomable.


What is Connected TV and the Difference From Other TVs

BT 201911 MARKETING 010Connected TV refers to any TV that can connect to the internet. By doing so, one can access content that is far beyond the scope of traditional TV. The main difference between this TV version and the conventional kind is that one can connect to the internet hence reach many people, while the conventional box is the same old device, with old programs.

If you have watched programs from providers, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime, then you know what CTV is. Devices in this CTV world include gaming consoles (X-box & PlayStations), smart TVs, and gadgets, such as Roku and Tivo. The examples demystify the CTV enigma, because you probably have a few of these items.

Yes, I felt the same jolt of ‘ah! How could I not know this?’ when I finally came to the realization of what CTV is.



How CTV Works with Advertising

BT 201911 MARKETING 015• Create your creative content on any ad platform or agency.
• Upload the content.
• Select your audience. Most ad agencies use data provided by data analysis companies, such as Oracle to ensure precision.
• Extend your campaign across different devices, including CTVs.

The system works by using data-driven methods to deliver ads against TV content subscriptions or views. It is more tactical hence providing better results.



Reasons why CTV is the Future of Advertising

Imagine a world where you get all the benefits of traditional TV advertising, but with more control over who gets to see them and how often the ads are served up. Seems like utopia, right? Fear not the world of adverts, because connected TV does this and more. Here is the more;

BT 201911 MARKETING 0121. Budget
As the number of CTV enabled homes increases, the cost per individual impressions reduces. Afterall, TVs on average have two to three viewers.

2. Easier Targeting
Marketers can use third party profile information, such as geolocation, device language, and online behavior to get their precise audience and segment ads according to that data.

3. Improved Ad Quality
Most of the CTV programs are in HD. This video quality transferred into advertising ensures high-quality pictures, hence boosting ad viewing, customer loyalty, and brand recognition.

4. Increased Number of Video Ad Formats
Ads can now increase the number of ways to put up videos. They can come in animated form or even interactive videos.

5. Real-Time Metrics
By tracking the number of clicks, views, and the conversation around their ads, marketers can monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns.



The Alarm Bells of CTV Advertising and Best Practices

BT 201911 MARKETING 013Unlike traditional TV, CTV ads have to be in the highest resolution to be able to capture attention and create a lasting memory.

The drawback here is that there is no universal metric to accurately measure audience sizes and their composition. Nevertheless, as the CTV advertising world grows, more controls will come about, and a standardized metric shall come to play. Worry not your creative mind.




BT 201911 MARKETING 014With smarter homes comes smarter advertising. With a better audience focus and reach, the CTV era will take advertising by storm and catapult it to levels that have never been seen before.


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