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CORONAVIRUS FEB/04: Tianjin 6 more cases, China 20,620
Published on: 2020-02-04
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013As of February 4, 6:00am, Tianjin has confirmed 6 more cases of coronavirus-related pneumonia, total 66 cases.

The 61st patient, a 61-year-old male, lived in Hedong District, Tianjin, and was the family member of the 45th confirmed case. He drove to Xiaogan City, Hubei Province, and returned to Tianjin on January 22.

The 62nd patient, a 55-year-old male, lives in Hebei District, Tianjin, and is an employee of the Tianjin Motor Bus Section. He has had close contact with several confirmed employees in the same unit.

The 63rd patient, male, 66 years old, lived in Heping District, Tianjin, and was the family member of the 27th confirmed case. She developed fever and chest tightness on February 1 and was referred to the 983 hospital and the Peace Hospital for treatment.

The 64th patient, male, 31 years old, lived in Baodi District, Tianjin, and drove the 51st confirmed case to the Baodi District Department Store (not in the building).

The 65th patient, female, 40 years old, lives in Hexi District, Tianjin, and has no history of tourism and work in Wuhan. He went to Dalian for a business trip from January 14 to 17. (11 participants, no Hubei personnel, no People who have symptoms such as fever).

The 66th patient, female, 39 years old, lived in Baodi District, and went to the Baodi District Department Store for shopping twice on January 20th and 23rd.

The Hubei health authority said 64 more people died of the coronavirus in China's Hubei province on Monday, raising the death toll in the epicenter of the outbreak to 414 people.

010Authorities confirmed an additional 2,345 cases of the virus in Hubei on Monday. That brings the total number of cases in the province to 13,522.

The health authority said 10,990 patients have been hospitalized in Hubei, including 576 who are in critical condition.


第61例患者,男,61岁,居住于天津市河东区,系第45例确诊病例的家属,曾于1月22日自行驾车到湖北省孝感市接其返津。该患者1月31日出现发热、咳痰后由其子驾车送至市第三中心医院对症治疗。在其家属2月1日确诊后,该患者一直在该院隔离医学治疗。2月2日不适症状较前加重, 2月3日23时经市专家组确诊为我市第61例病例,为普通型。目前已转至海河医院治疗,生命体征平稳。目前对判定的3名密切接触者已进行隔离医学观察,正继续对其他密切接触者进行追踪排查,并对其住所进行终末消毒。







Latest news on the coronavirus

040The numbers: 427 people have died, with the first death outside of mainland China confirmed in the Philippines. There are well 20,620 confirmed cases globally, the vast majority of which are in mainland China.

041Accelerating spread: The number of Wuhan coronavirus deaths in mainland China has overtaken the 2003 severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) epidemic in the country, which infected 5,327 and killed 349 in the mainland.

042Travel restrictions: Countries and airlines internationally have placed travel restrictions on traveling to and from the mainland. Yesterday, China criticized the US response to the coronavirus outbreak, accusing Washington of feeding mass hysteria.

Evacuations continue: Countries like the US, UK, Japan, Australia and South Korea have already flown out citizens from Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak. Thailand and other countries are continuing evacuation plans and preparations.

Vaccine: There is no vaccine available yet, but researchers say there are promising signs. Thai doctors say they have successfully treated two coronavirus patients with a combination of antiviral drugs.

Coronavirus Detected on Door Handle in Guangzhou

016Scientists in south China's Guangzhou last Sunday detected the nucleic acid of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) on a doorknob at the house of a patient diagnosed with the disease, according to an official for the Disease Control and Prevention Center in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province.

Zhang Zhoubin, deputy director of Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that other areas prone to contamination include mobile phones, keyboards and faucet handles.

He said, with the rise of confirmed and suspected cases in Guangzhou, the lab of Guangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention has been receiving over 600 biological samples per day.

Beside biological samples from confirmed and suspected patients, the center will also test the living conditions of confirmed patients based on epidemiological investigations, for example, doorknobs, cellphones, keyboards of patients will also be tested.







A 1-month-old baby has the coronavirus

043A 1-month-old baby girl in China's southwestern Guizhou province has been diagnosed with the Wuhan coronavirus, Guizhou’s health commission confirmed in a news release.

The baby had come to Guizhou from another province, and is currently living in the provincial capital of Guiyang, according to the news release. She was diagnosed yesterday, and is currently being treated in isolation at the People's Hospital of Guizhou Province. Her condition is stable, the news release said.

Japan screens cruise ship for coronavirus

044Japan has quarantined a cruise ship that arrived at a port in Yokohama on Monday evening after a former passenger was found infected with Wuhan coronavirus on Saturday.

The passenger: The 80-year-old man had visited mainland China for a few hours on January 10, but was not exposed to any wild animals or wet markets. He then flew from Hong Kong to Tokyo on January 17.

He reportedly started coughing on January 19. On January 20, he boarded the Diamond Princess cruise in Yokohama, and disembarked in Hong Kong on January 25.

He sought medical care on January 30 after he started experiencing fever symptoms. He is currently in a stable condition.

Quarantine on cruise: The ship is currently quarantined for 24 hours.

Japanese authorities are working to identify the identities of passengers and crew who came into contact with the infected passenger. Quarantine officers are checking the health of all 2,666 passengers of different nationalities and 1,045 crew members onboard.

Several people on the ship said they felt ill, were tested for the virus, and are in separate rooms to avoid contact with each other.

The cruise ship also made stops at Kagoshima in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, and Okinawa before docking in Yokohama.

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