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Tianjin Metro, Bus, and Salary adjustments
Published on: 2020-02-05
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These 2 Metro Stations Returned to Normal

010 2On the evening of February 2, 7 workers at Tumor Hospital Station and 1 worker at Hei Niu Cheng Dao Station were sent to the hospital for treatment of fever. At the same time, the operation of two stations was suspended (see details). On the morning of February 4th, eight workers were negative for multiple nucleic acid tests. The hospital diagnosed a general fever. The body temperature was normal and they were separated and observed at home.

So Tumor Hospital Station and Hei Niu Cheng Dao Station have returned to normal from 17:00 on February 4.




These Bus routes are suspended in Tianjin

011 2According to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, bus lines 126, 512, 127 and 137 are suspended from today (February 5).

At that time, a total of 23 bus lines will be suspended: 504, 510, 123, custom 36, 942, 1 tourist line, 947 Haibo Museum special line, 544, 975, 923, 924 Roads, 926, 971, 929, 945, 946, 540, 921, 922, 126, 512, 127, 137. Please make your travel arrangements in advance.




Malls and supermarkets Opening hours

Due to the intensifying pneumonia epidemic, shopping malls and supermarkets around Tianjin have adjusted their opening hours.



mallTianjin Labor Bureau: Delayed resumption of work, salary still get paid

On January 31, Tianjin issued the announcement about “Notice on Delaying the Resumption of Work and Schools in the City” . How to deal with labor relations and how to pay wages during the delay of resumption has become a new focus for enterprises and employees.

First, for special personnel such as coronavirus patients, suspected patients, and close contacts who have been infected with coronavirus during their isolation treatment or medical observation, as well as special employees such as enterprise employees who are unable to provide normal labor due to the implementation of isolation measures or other emergency measures by the government, Once again, no matter during the holiday period or the delay in returning to work, the enterprise shall pay the employees' full remuneration during this period in accordance with the labor contract, and shall not terminate the labor contract with the employee. If the labor contract expires during this period, the contract period is postponed until the expiry of the medical observation period, the expiration of the quarantine period, or the end of emergency measures taken by the government.

Second, the enterprises that have delayed the resumption of work in accordance with the government notice. The wages during the delay of resumption of work shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions on the payment of wages during the suspension and production of the enterprise. The wage standard stipulated in the labor contract pays the wages of the workers; the enterprise arranges the workers to work in more than one wage payment period, and negotiates with the workers to solve them.

Thirdly, enterprises that are not subject to the delay in returning to work in accordance with government notification requirements. During this period, if employees are arranged for normal labor, the enterprise should pay wages in accordance with the law. Under the premise that the enterprise has provided the necessary anti-epidemic measures and labor protection, if the employee is required to resume work, and the employee refuses to resume work without proper reasons, the enterprise may deal with it in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Labor Contract Law.

If the enterprise fails to implement the relevant regulations and violates labor security laws and regulations, employees can report complaints to the labor security supervision department or apply for arbitration to the labor and personnel dispute arbitration department.

012 2天津市人社局:延迟复工,工资照发!







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