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Tianjin Plus OUT! February 2020 Edition
Published on: 2020-02-10
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A respiratory virus that originated in Wuhan has infected tens of thousands of people and is spreading to other countries. The 2019-nCoV is a new strain of coronavirus that has not been previously identified in humans. Human-to-human transmission has been confirmed.

The death toll from the disease rose over 900 in the first week of February, exceeding the 774 fatalities caused by SARS. Confirmed coronavirus infections are over 40,000, more than 5 times the number of SARS infections.

Many cities are encouraging people to work from home, while some big companies have extended the holiday break to February 16 or later. Many companies, especially those with large workforces, will not open before 17th of February for fear of new outbreaks emerging.

Schools have delayed resuming classes until February 16th at the earliest, but probably education authorities will order to close for the rest of the month. Most of the International Schools have started classes by implementing eLearning methodologies using online tools. Many restaurants will also remain closed until March.

Any new deadly pathogen inevitably gives rise to panic. But experience with other epidemics has shown us that a targeted approach can contain and arrest the spread of a virus - even more effectively than sweeping quarantines.

We had this month the opportunity to talk with Iris Huang, the Spa Manager of Banyan Tree Tianjin Riverside, and get to know more about their ultimate pampering experience for your complete renewal. Banyan Tree Spa Tianjin Riverside is a wellness sanctuary famous for its beautifully appointed treatments. Spas are responsible for providing relaxing, rejuvenating experiences through massages, beauty treatments and wellness therapies.

Don't forget to visit our website www.tianjinplus.com and follow us on our official WeChat account (ID: tianjin_plus) for more articles and information.

Best wishes,

Sandy Moore
Managing Editor | Tianjin Plus Magazine
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