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Diner found a cigarette butt in dishes also saw the chef SPIT in it too
Published on: 2020-05-12
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restaurant 03A restaurant diner in Xi'an has told of his horror after watching a chef spitting into his dish while cooking it for him on surveillance footage of a kitchen.

640Surveillance footage of the Sufuji Restaurant in Xi'an, China, appears to show a young chef spitting into a dish he was cooking in the kitchen. Mr Zheng, a customer who had ordered the stew, witnessed the revolting scene while viewing the security video in the store on Sunday

The customer gained access to the video after finding a cigarette butt in a stew he had ordered and then complained about it to the restaurant.

He said he saw the chef 'spitting especially' into the stew. The restaurant worker claimed he was experiencing tightness in the throat and spat on the ground.

restaurant 01The furious diner, Mr Zheng, said he had ordered the stew for his child and sent it back to the kitchen once due to its poor taste.

After he spotted the cigarette butt in the second serving, a waiter told Mr Zheng that it had been left in the dish by accident.

And when he requested to watch the security camera footage, he was shocked to discover that the chef had been cooking without a face mask and even spitting into his dish.

The restaurant claimed that the 22-year-old chef, Mr Wang, had spat on the edge of the wok, not inside.

restaurant 02A cigarette butt in a stew Mr Zheng ordered

Wang, however, insisted that he had spat on the floor, not towards the wok.

The shopping mall, where the restaurant is situated in, said it had ordered the store to shut and 'dealt with the chef seriously'.

The local market watchdog has launched an investigation into the matter and ordered the restaurant to rectify its problems.

Officials are expected to revoke the shop's business license and issue it a 100,000 yuan fine.







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