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TIANJIN: New case is a man from Beichen District
Published on: 2020-06-18
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tianjin 01According to Tianjin CDC (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention), 1 new case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Tianjin on Wednesday.

Tianjin CDC said that the man has no history of traveling in the 14 days prior to the onset of his illness, no contact history with confirmed cases or suspected cases.

He is the 137th patient in Tianjin from beginning of the pandemic, and the patient is a man of 22 years old, living in Tianjin, Beichen District, Huaixiangyuan, Huaihe Road, Pudong Residential Area.

He is a kitchen employee of Conrad Tianjin, and the patient was responsible for washing dishes mostly at the staff canteen since May 30, and occassionaly he was cleaning frozen seafood.

On Tuesday, June 16 at 8AM he has light symptoms, sore throat and a maximum temperature of 38℃, and he went to three hospitals, Tianjin Medical University General Hospital, Nankai Xuefu Hospital and Nankai Santan Hospital, and received nucleic acid testing, and test positive. He tested positive on Wednesday morning again at Huanghe hospital.

Wednesday, June 17th at 10:30, an ambulance of 120 service transferred him to Haihe Hospital, a fixed-point medical institution for isolation treatment in a stable condition, and after comprehensive analysis by the municipal expert group, identified him as the 137th confirmed case in Tianjin.

All the current 93 close contacts have been quarantined for medical observation, while others are being screened and their workplaces and homes have been disinfected.

Following local health authorities requirements to prevent the spread of the virus, Tianjin new local confirmed cases activity record should be published, and all people that has been at the same time and same place of the confirmed case, or has had direct or indirect contact with the person, should immediately contact with the local CDC or health authority.

They should take the initiative to go to a centralized isolation medical observation or stay at home with medical observation, as well as received a nucleic acid testing. Those who conceal and fail to report this condition, and result in the spread of the epidemic, will be dealt according to the law.

Customers wearing face masks shop live seafood at a Carrefour supermarket, following new cases of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) infections in Beijing, China on June 17, 2020

The trajectory of the latest Tianjin's confirmed case in the last 3 days is as follows:

June 14

Stay all the morning till 17:00 at home;

17:09-17:18, near the intersection of Puji River East Road and Vanke Garden East Road (Beichen District, Tianjin);

17:40-17:47 near JunSheng Road, and go back home at 17:59;

21:00 walk from home to the supermarket (Huaixiangyuan Store, Beichen District, Tianjin);

21:30 Walk back home.

June 15

9:05 leave from home and took an electric bike to Conrad Tianjin, and never leave the hotel until 20:00.

June 16

09:01 he went from home to the subway line 5, Huaihe Dao subway station, entrance C, and transfer to line 3 in Zhangxingzhuang subway station to Tianta subway station;

09:51 he arrived at the Tianta subway station, and took Exit D;

10:00 he took his mother electric bike and drive to Tianjin Medical University General Hospital and left at 11:02;

11:10 he arrived to Nankai Xuefu Hospital, and due self-reported fever, the hospital recommended him to go to the nearby fever clinic, and he left at 11:49;

11:55 he returned to his home at Longjingli Community, Nankai district;

15:53 he took his mother's electric bike from his home in Longjingli, Nankai district, and went to Nankai Santan Hospital fever clinic;

17:18-17:38 he went to eat to Meiling Noodles (Anshan Xi Dao) at Liuyin Road, near his Nankai home; and after dinner he returned to his home at Longjingli Community, Nankai district;

18:35 took his mother electric bike from his home at Longjingli Community, Nankai district, and went to take subway line 3 at Xikang Lu Subway Station, Entrance B, and transfer in Zhangxingzhuang subway station, and took subway line 5 to Huaihe Dao subway station to be back to his Beichen District home.

Find below the 24-hours CDC contact information by district:

Heping District CDC: 27822947
Hedong District CDC: 60418721
Nankai District CDC: 27619435 27616458
Hexi District CDC: 28135655
Hebei District CDC: 86295676
Hongqiao District CDC: 26370238
Binhai New Area CDC: 66360090 25892227
Dongli District CDC: 24390945 24390633
Xiqing District CDC: 27939988
Jinnan District CDC: 28563579
Beichen District CDC: 26811666
Ninghe District CDC: 69591616
Baodi District CDC: 29241864 29241062
Jinghai District CDC: 28942815 28942846
Wuqing District CDC: 29341124
Jizhou District CDC: 82833456

As mentioned previously, the new case is an employee at a Conrad Tianjin, and the hotel staff confirmed to a news agency on Wednesday that the hotel was suspended from operating and all customers present at the hotel being isolated for quarantine.

On Ctrip, a Chinese online travel booking platform, all the hotel rooms displayed a "sold out" message and Dianping.com, China's Yelp-like rating website, shows that the hotel has been temporally suspended from operating.

According to netizens' tip-offs and online information, seven employees from Conrad Tianjin went to Beijing recently, but none of them visited the Xinfadi market. None have had close contact with the patient.

Tianjin CDC on Wednesday morning said that there are zero new domestic cases, zero silent carriers, and zero suspected cases found. The sudden news at night frightened local people in Tianjin.

Some locals living in Nankai district told on Wednesday afternoon that they heard the rumor yesterday, prior than it was annouunce publicly, and all of them were concerned that Tianjin is at risk of a second wave of COVID-19 infections following Beijing's unexpected outbreak at Xinfadi wholesale food market on June 11.

"I am concerning that the coronavirus is carry on by some suppliers of imported seafood, as the man's job is cleaning frozen seafood," said a Tianjin dweller.

Tianjin CDC said on Wednesday that they have screened 8,103 people who might have been in contact with the outbreak in Beijing and throat swabbed 6,465 people working in the fields of selling, transportation and production of seafood with all negative results.

Tianjin also suspended some cross-regional bus services to Beijing on Tuesday as to avoid a spread of infection.

Tianjin authorities requires citizens who had been to medium and high risk areas in Beijing in the last 30 days to report to their communities, and those who conceal their itineraries and cause the spread of the disease will be held accountable.

People who travel from Beijing are allowed to enter Tianjin as long as their health QR code appears green. Those with red codes should be quarantined for two weeks in a designated spot, and those with yellow codes should quarantine at home for two weeks.







6月16日,早晨从家出发步行至地铁5号线淮河道站,9:01 从C口乘坐地铁,在张兴庄站换乘3号线至天塔站,9:51在天塔站D口出站并搭乘其母电动车,于10:03至天津医科大学总医院就诊,11:02自行退号离开;11:10到达学府医院,因自述曾有发热,医院建议其前往附近发热门诊就诊,11:49离开;11:55返回南开区龙井里小区家中;15:53搭乘其母电动车从南开区龙井里家中至三潭医院发热门诊就诊;17:18-17:38鞍山西道柳荫路美玲拉面馆就餐;餐后,返回南开区龙井里小区家中;18:35搭乘其母电动车从南开区龙井里家中至地铁3号线西康路站B口,在张兴庄站换乘5号线至淮河道站返回北辰区家中。



和平区疾病预防控制中心: 27822947
河东区疾病预防控制中心: 60418721
南开区疾病预防控制中心: 27619435 27616458
河西区疾病预防控制中心: 28135655
河北区疾病预防控制中心: 86295676
红桥区疾病预防控制中心: 26370238
滨海新区疾病预防控制中心: 6360090 25892227
东丽区疾病预防控制中心: 24390945 24390633
西青区疾病预防控制中心: 27939988
津南区疾病预防控制中心: 28563579
北辰区疾病预防控制中心: 26811666
宁河区疾病预防控制中心: 69591616
宝坻区疾病预防控制中心: 29241864 29241062
静海区疾病预防控制中心: 28942815 28942846
武清区疾病预防控制中心: 29341124
蓟州区疾病预防控制中心: 82833456

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