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World’s Tallest and Fastest Swing open in China
Published on: 2020-07-24
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SWING 01A Chinese scenic spot has opened the world's tallest swing which perches on the edge of a 2,300-foot-tall cliff.

Footage shows thrill-seekers screaming as they were bound to a harness horizontally and flung out at a top speed of 80mph at its grand opening today.

The extreme ride is a whopping 328 feet tall, roughly the equivalent of a 30-storey building.

Billed as the 'king of all swings', the vertigo-inducing attraction is situated in Chongqing.

640The terrifying ride was completed late last year and meant to open to the public early this year.

However, due to the coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent lockdown, the management had to delay the grand opening.

As a city known for its wacky architecture, Chongqing is already home to an enormous rocking chair which faces a 1,000-foot-tall cliff.

The newly complete structure, however, is taller, faster and scarier.

As part of the YunyangLonggang Scenic Spot, the gigantic swing consists of a 328-foot-tall arch and a 354-foot-tall launching tower and is situated at an altitude of 3,608 feet.

“人在前面飞,魂在后面追” 700米全球最高悬崖秋千正式营业



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