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The Outer Ring Road in Tianjin to open on August 29
Published on: 2020-08-27
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outer ring 01The newly constructed Outer Ring Road in Tianjin is set to open on August 29th, 2020.

The Outer Ring Road in Tianjin is a city express road, 71.322 kilometres in length, which encircles Tianjin municipality.

outer ring 02The Jinghu, Jinbin, Jingjintang, Baojin and Jinji Expressways are all linked by this ring road. Major China National Highways and roads to Zibo, Tangshan, Wuxi and other nearby localities, as well as to other regions in the municipality, are also linked.

The vehicle speed limit in outer ring area is 80 km/h.

The current policies on number limit, traffic, and cargo restrictions implemented in this city are still based on the current outer ring roads (Outer Ring East Road, Outer Ring West Road, Outer Ring South Road, Outer Ring North Road) and will not be adjusted. In addition, in order to meet the demand for the passage of freight vehicles in the development of regional construction, the passage of freight vehicles is temporarily not restricted on the adjusted road of the outer ring.




* 本市现行实施的限号、限行、限货等政策仍以现状外环线(外环东路、外环西路、外环南路、外环北路)为准,不作调整;

* 新开通的外环线东北部调线暂以“外环调整路”命名,8月29日零时全线通车后,全线按照快速路标准实施管理,车行限制速度80公里/时;

* 为了解决区域建设发展对货运车辆通行的需求,外环调整路上暂不限制货运车辆通行;

* 禁止行人和非机动车通行;

* 外环调整路开通之日,卡口监控、限速等违法抓拍将同步开启;

* 外环调整路自西向东在津汉立交点位为全流向互通形式,实现与外环东路、卫国道、津汉公路方向的联通;与志成道延长线为全流向互通。

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